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20 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head Before and While Working Out


Battling the dreaded freshman fifteen consists of daily internal conflicts regarding exercise. We know the benefits, we know how to, and we know where to do it… so why is it so much easier to dance all night long, but absolutely painful fitting in a mere 20 minute run? Here are the thoughts that run through my mind when pondering and executing the most dreaded activity:


1.     Wake up: O.K. today is the day. I will start my work out regime TODAY.

2.     24 hours later: So yesterday was NOT the day. Today is. I felt a little sick yesterday and needed the rest. Now is the time.

3.     Finally!! I get to justifiably wear my Lulu out. I can confidently respond “yes!” when people ask if I just got back from the gym

4.     WHERE ARE MY SPORTS BRAS?! I cannot work out without a sports bra. No. no. no. no. They’re all in the dirty laundry.

5.     Back to bed.  

6.     Alright. I must go. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

7.     Already exhausted from three flights of stairs up to cardio room. I regret this.

8.     UGH. SERF is packed. How and why are all these people here? Do they actually enjoy working out?

9.     Maybe I should leave. I mean there is tomorrow….

10. Lucky me… treadmill opened

11. Slow and steady. Water ready. Jams ready. I can do this.

12. 3 mins later:  Is it normal to sweat this much? Am I diseased? How come I’m dying and all those girls look like they’re ready for a night out?

13. Am I dillusional… Is that girl really studying and running... AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?!?!?

14. Time to pick up the pace. What am I doing with my life?

15.  I did sports in high school. I’m fit. This is great. Me. At the gym. Running. SO FUN. #blessed

16. Why am I lying to myself? I think my legs are about to fall off… I may have enough sweat to fill an emptied pool

17. Those girls. Why do they look so happy? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS FIT GIRLS.

18. Enough is enough. I must leave. 20 minutes is aerobic, right? My stomach is cold… that means I burned fat right??

19. I DID IT! Now I can go home. There’s Gordons. Inside Gordons there is ice cream… I mean I did just work out.

20. Where’s my bed?


If any of these thoughts go through your mind, know that you are not alone. Grab a workout buddy, join a work out class, or be active outside and the pain of exercising will cease. 

I am currently a sophomore at University of Wisconsin- Madison pursuing a degree in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication.  As Campus Correspondent of Her Campus, Wisconsin chapter I am passionate about current events and can be found browsing any and every article that pops- up on my Facebook newsfeed. 
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