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40 Ways to Procrastinate

1.     Back-stalk yourself on Facebook

2.     Watch every single SnapChat story

3.     Reorganize your room

4.     Refresh all social media accounts countless times

5.     Plan your outfit for the next day

6.     Plan what you are going to eat the next day

7.     Eat everything in sight


8.     Convince yourself you need a nap

9.     Play 2048

10. Give yourself a manicure

11. Update every one of your friends on your life

12. Tweet about all of the work you have

13. Doodle about how much you hate school work

14. Calculate your final GPA with every possibility

15. Online shop


16. FaceTime with your pets

17. Go to the bathroom

18. Listen to music

19. Ask other people about their work

20. Complain about how much work you have

21. Stare into space

22. Think philosophically

23. Rationalize why you shouldn’t do you work

24. Rationalize why you should do your work

25. Have a self-induced panic attack about the amount of work you have

26. Get coffee

27. Get more coffee

28. Read a magazine

29. Netflix

30. Never-ending BuzzFeed quizzes

31. Let everyone else know how stressed you are, yet continue to do nothing about it

32. Fix your ponytail

33. Go to FAC

34. Pluck your eyebrows

35. Go through all the pictures on your phone

36. Delete emails

37. Dig for gold

38. Pace around the room

39. Go distract other people from doing their work

40. Contemplate the meaning of life


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