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Texts from Moms>Texts from Friends

Everyone’s been in this position; walking down the street, staring intensely at your phone, and smiling ear to ear. You’ve become so engaged in this probably pointless conversation that walking straight into the tree 2 steps ahead won’t even phase you. But here’s the plot twist, are these amusing texts actually from your friends…are possibly even your mom?

Texting your mom may seem as a chore to some, but to others the entertainment embedded in these texts can be funnier than gossip from the night before.


“The Technologically Challenged Mom”


“The Wannabe Cool Mom”


“The ‘Sassmaster’ Mom”

“The Mom Who Let You Have High School Parties”

“The Mom Who’s Most Likely Already Sent Out a Search Team”

“The Mom Who’s Trying to Be Your Girlfriend”

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