A Quick Guide to Crystals

Last week, I spent nearly an hour sitting on my floor trying to identify groups of crystals I found on vacation in North Carolina two years ago. We went to a gem shop and got to sift through sand to find various crystals. It was definitely a kids activity, but we did not care. I was always interested in crystals and their healing aspects, but never took the time to do deep research into what they had to offer. The crystals I found that day sat in a mason jar next to the bed as a pretty decoration for the past 2 years. It was not until I kept seeing them on TikTok that I decided to put them to use and appreciate them for what they could offer. 

In my investigation, it was hard to find the information that I was looking for in hashtags and Twitter threads. What exactly are certain crystals good for? What should I do with them? How am I supposed to cleanse them? 

This is the quick guide that I wish I had last week. It doesn’t cover everything, but just enough to get you started on your journey with some of my personal favorite crystals. 


To start, it is important to note that each crystal has its own properties and you should investigate them before doing any kind of cleansing. Some crystals are okay in water or sand, while others are not. Moonlight is a great way to cleanse your crystals, while sunlight can cause some crystals to fade. A piece of selenite has enough cleansing properties to cleanse the crystals that surround it in addition to your space. If you are like me and do not have a window in your apartment where the moonlight shines in, then some selenite may be the best way to go.

Here are some go-to crystals for a beginner looking to get more involved:

Amethyst: This one is one of the more well-known crystals. It relieves stress, alleviates anxiety, and even activates spiritual awareness. Shortly after I began placing this one on my nightstand, I noticed my dreams got increasingly more vivid than ever before. 

Quartz: This is another common one. It aids in concentration and memory while also stimulating your immune system. It helps with creativity and is one of my favorite crystals to keep on my desk while doing work. 

Red Jasper: If you require a confidence boost, then red jasper is for you. It increases your level of self-trust and confidence, while also offering emotional protection. I keep this one in my hand while presenting projects at Zoom University for a confidence booster.

Amazonite: This pretty blue crystal calms the brain and nervous system and disperses negative energy at the same time. Its multi-purpose traits are perfect to keep in your pocket or purse on the go.

Serpentine: For someone trying to embrace the spiritual side of life through meditation and crystals, this is a good one to do just that. It helps in meditation, clears your chakras, and enhances wisdom.

Woman meditates with her eyes closed Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

My collection is small, but it covers a wide range of needs. Most of them focus on relieving stress, or anxiety mainly because I’m an anxious person. An important step is setting an intention with your crystal for how it is going to work for you. You can hold the crystal and visualize the property you want to highlight the most. For example, “this quartz is going to improve my focus.” 

I find myself learning something new about the crystals that I have every day and that is the most exciting part. You never know what to expect when you open your mind to the endless possibilities that crystals can offer you.