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sad young woman laying by boxes
Her Campus at UCSB I Am Exhausted, And That’s Okay

I have recently found myself dreading going to bed. Physically, I’m tired after spending the day walking to and from class. Socially, I’m drained from holding conversation after conversation...

graduation caps thrown in air
Her Campus at UNH The End of a Chapter

Wow. As I write my final article I can’t help but sit here in awe. While four years seems like a long time, it flew by in the blink...

mental health signs on a fence
Her Campus at SJSU My Mental Health Journey

Navigating my mental health has never been simple, sometimes it still doesn’t feel like it is getting easier. Everyday is different, some good and some not. The hardest part...

Vitamins laying on a pink background
Her Campus at SPU Drugs, Let’s Talk About Them.

I want to talk about deconstructing some ideas surrounding mental health in hopes of breaking down some stigmatization of taking medication for mental illness. In the context of May...