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6 Fitness Instagrammers You Need to Follow Now

It’s April, AKA the perfect time to start working on your summer bod. To be clear – every body is a bikini body, BUT if you are starting to work on your fitness to feel better in that cute new swimsuit this summer, now is the time. Need some inspo? Check out these health and fitness Instagrammers that you need to follow ASAP.

Katrina Scott (@katrinascott) and Karena Dawn (@karenadawn)

These two babes are the founders of Tone It Up, a fitness and nutrition plan to help women get into their best shape possible. These two besties are all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle and provide tons of inspo and insight into their daily lives. They are frequently found enjoying a glass of wine with dinner or making Tone It Up approved desserts or pancakes. Check out their personal instagram pages as well as the @toneitup page for recipies you won’t believe are healthy and daily workouts. With a dedicated community of women who follow their nutrition plan, a recent Women’s Health cover, and a line for Target, these boss babes aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

HopeScope (@hopescopeofficial)

What’s a good fitness routine without cute outfits? Obviously, dressing the part is an essential. If you’re like me and feel the need to buy 5 new workout outfits before even setting foot in a gym, HopeScope is here to help and make you feel better about how much activewear you buy (because I promise you, she has more). Follow her Instagram for a constant stream of new workout clothing items you need to buy, and then check out her YouTube for in-depth reviews of specific brands and products. Plus, she also posts about her dog and daily workouts.

Sarah’s Day (@sarahs_day)

So many of the Instagrammers and YouTubers you see today present untrue versions of themselves to the world… but not Sarah. Sarah often talks about her own struggles with her health, whether it be bloating, weight gain, or acne. Many women would feel uncomfortable telling the world about these issues, but not Sarah. She often talks about how important it is to her to tell people that she has these issues too so that she can help others overcome them. She actually started her YouTube channel as she was working on clearing up bad acne. Besides her honesty, Sarah rocks because she is all about listening to your body and doing what is best for you. In a world where everyone is telling you that a different type of fitness or new diet is the new best thing, Sarah is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she a YouTuber, but she also has recently come out with her own fitness program, podcast, and activewear line.

Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines)

Ever heard of the Bikini Body Guide or BBG? This Australian babe is the mastermind behind those booty-kicking 28-minute circuit workouts. She is constantly posting incredible transformation pictures of women on her program. Seriously, if those pictures don’t get you to go workout right now I don’t know what will. Her Instagram is full of pictures of girls following her bikini body guide, healthy meal ideas, workout selfies, and workout videos.

Simone De La Rue (@bodybysimone)

This celebrity trainer and star of Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian is worth clicking the follow button for. With a new app out, you can train like a celebrity without the hefty price tag (and without having to live in LA). Her Instagram is filled with awesome workout ideas and inspiration to be active on a daily basis. Her dance inspired workouts may look simple, but you just can’t argue with the results she gets (and her ABS!!!).

Cristina Capron (@cristinacapron)

Feeling very lost at the gym and need some workout ideas? Look no further than Cristina’s Instagram. Seriously, she posts so many workout videos. If you want a booty like hers, make sure to give her a follow. Plus, you can find more of her cute outfits here.

Whether you’re trying to get your body to look a certain way for swimsuit season or training to be able to go on a long hike, having inspiration on your Instagram will certainly help you stay on track. These women are all so incredible and motivational, you won’t regret following them. 


*All images used in this article are taken from the respective Instagram accounts of the women mentioned. The thumbnail image for the article is from here.*

I am a sophomore at the University of Utah currently pursuing a major in Communications, with an emphasis in Strategic Communications, as well as a minor in Political Science.  I was previously Miss Teen Ohio United States, and I am now a writer for Her Campus Utah. I enjoy outdoor activities, cooking, volunteering, traveling, and writing. I am a passionate advocate for mental health and suicide prevention.  After graduation, I plan on starting my own business. I hope to inspire more women to enter into leadership positions or even become their own bosses. 
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