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3 Simple Practices to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utah chapter.

The idea of mindfulness has been around for centuries, but recently it has become a popular topic of conversation in self-care and wellness circles. It can seem abstract and overwhelming, but mindfulness practices can be extremely simple and can drastically change the way you feel throughout your day. It’s easy to get into an unstructured routine of productivity without checking in with yourself, especially in the midst of busy college life. These 3 doable, grounding practices will help you slow down your mind and be more in tune with yourself. 




Mindful Morning Breaths & Check Ins

Right when you wake up, it is tempting to immediately check your phone or get started on your long list of to-dos. But before anything else, close your eyes, place a hand on your heart, and take some deep breaths. Simply notice your breath and body. Check in with yourself: how are you feeling in this moment? All it takes is a word or two of internal honesty. When life gets busy, it’s easy to focus more on things and people outside yourself. However, understanding and honoring where you’re at internally first thing in the morning will allow you to feel more grounded throughout the day. 


This is a mindful practice that can be done at any point of the day. Although it may seem silly, it can be tremendously powerful. Give yourself moments throughout the day to really notice your surroundings and the way they make you feel. Noticing the way the sky looks, the feeling of the wind on your skin, the way your food tastes, a stranger’s smile, or anything else around you can bring a whole new sense of life to your everyday tasks. There is infinite beauty in simple things and the act of noticing can allow you to approach the world with more excitement, appreciation, and curiosity. 

Nighttime Gratitude 

Before you go to sleep, take a moment to think about your day. Identify 5-10 things that you are grateful for. You can keep them in your mind or write them down in a gratitude journal. These objects of gratitude can be major parts of your life or little details from your day. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed at the end of the day, but this mindful gratitude practice will help you see and appreciate the beauty that your life has to offer. What may have felt like a bad day can turn into a good one when you identify the little things in there that you’re grateful for. This practice will allow you to slow down your thoughts before bed and shift your overall feelings about the day you just had. 

I’m sure we are all aware that self-care is extremely valuable to living a balanced life. While it is important to carve out separate time to recharge and care for yourself, it is equally important to establish practices within your daily life that will keep you balanced. Mindfulness is a simple, caring practice for your inner self, and incorporating it into your daily life will help you feel more grounded and in touch with yourself throughout your busy, beautiful life. 

Elle is majoring in Communications and Modern Dance! She loves clouds, music, and sticky notes :)
Her Campus Utah Chapter Contributor