The Art of Self Care During Exam Season

Exam season is here and before we get carried away and spend copious hours studying for multiple exams, it is important to take care of ourselves first, not only physically, but mentally. Mental health is just as important as our physical health and many of us neglect our feelings during this time of year. I know for myself, the pressure to get high-grades and memorize as much information as possible is top priority for me, and I forget to take care of my mental well-being.

Self-care is an art because it’s easy to tell yourself you will calm down and take a break but it is unlikely that we actually act on these things. So, to try and have us girls master the art of self-care during a busy time of year, I’ve prepared a few things you can do to calm your mind and practice mindfulness.

  1. Take a 1-2 hour break and watch your favourite movie or TV-show. I know this option might scare a few people because they feel like they literally cannot take any break, but trust me girl, you will thank yourself later that you took that little break. Put on a Christmas movie or watch two episodes of your favorite TV-show to clear your head.
  2. Take a bubble bath. Turn on the tap and fill up the tub with your favourite bubble bath, I recommend the Philosophy brand ones (they smell soooo good). The feeling of warm water soaking your body will instantly help you feel at ease with your busy life. You can even light a candle or two while you bathe and enjoy the nice aroma while you relax.
  3. Bake something. Baking is so under-rated. I find mixing yummy ingredients together so therapeutic. Maybe it’s something about the repetitive motion of mixing but something about baking definitely works! Not only is the actual baking therapeutic, but nothing smells and tastes better than fresh-baked goods!
  4. Make a cup of coffee or tea. This remedy is definitely similar to baking, but there is joy in the simplicity of making it. Grab your favourite loose tea and boil a pot of water and mix it together to create joy in a cup J My favourite tea to make is “Forever Nuts” by David’s tea. This tea is both nutty and sweet at the same time and helps soothe any anxiety’s stemming from the stomach.
  5. Go to the gym, or go for a long walk. This one is very common as everyone knows exercise relieves stress, and it’s true! Put on a nice gym outfit and allocate an hour to yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to do a power-lifting, fat-shredding workout, but something to get your blood flowing and heart pumping. Play your favourite music and just be present in the moment. This is your “me-time” for the hour.
  6. Clean your room. Dedicate an hour to just cleaning your room. Nothing calls for a better study environment than a clean room because although your head may be scattered with lots of information, you don’t want your room to be scattered too! By cleaning your room, it clears the energy around you and helps you focus on the present.