Five Female Fitness Aficionados to Follow

Weights? Reps? HIIT? Keto diet? Protein powder? Yogalates? What do all these things mean?! Fitness, much like women, comes in many shapes and sizes, and there’s no doubt that it can be an overwhelming world to navigate. Lucky for you, these five women break it down into pretty, little, educational and motivational packages for whatever your fitness goals are.

1. If the gym isn’t your jam: Betty Rocker Blog: Instagram: @thebettyrocker Youtube: Betty Rocker For those of you who aren’t into the heavy and expensive equipment, this sassy lady has been advocating homemade healthy bodies for years. Bree, a.k.a. Betty Rocker, specializes in healthy recipes, at-home exercise, and motivation to keep you in the game— even when you’re not feeling your best.

2. Healthy mind = healthy body: CB Quality Blog: Instagram: @cbquality Twitter: @cbqualitylife Claire Fountain’s wellness brand is based on the desire to achieve a healthy body through a healthy mind. If you are searching for balance in your life, take a peek through the knowledge and amazing content that CB Quality drops daily through her channels.

3. Science Rules: Abby Pollock Blog: Instagram: @ampollo  Youtube: Abby Pollock Abby Pollock brings the science behind nutrition and exercise in a way that is practical and easy to understand. (What else would you expect of a mechanical engineer?) Abby’s formula is to identify common mistakes and provide step-by-step solutions via Youtube so you can safely make the best choices for your own nutrition, and workout.

4. Social media maven: Madalin Giorgetta Blog: Instagram: @madalingiorgetta Youtube: Madalin Giorgetta Madalin Giorgetta began her career not in fitness, but in various social media endeavours, and came upon fitness with a general interest. As a result, you get a coach who keeps it real in terms of body image, time management, fitness goals, and her online presence.

5. Work-and-school-life balance: Miss Fit and Nerdy Blog: Instagram: @missfitandnerdy Youtube: MissFitAndNerdy Twitter: @missfitandnerdy An MIT grad and personal trainer in training, Marisa Chaela brings tried and true content through her YouTube channel. Her videos are more like journals that track all the progress and pitfalls that come with trying out new gym routines and specific diets, all the while living the student life.