How to Get Into an Exercise Routine

Getting into a workout routine is easier said than done. Often we may come to the realization that we should exercise and be healthy. But, after exercising once or twice, the urge passes and like many things, we forget to follow through. Like brushing your teeth and doing homework, exercising is something that can easily be implemented in your schedule, but it takes a little work. So, put your sneakers on, and let’s get into a routine…

Exercising is more than losing weight or maintaining your figure; it’s about staying healthy. Many associate working out with those who are looking to achieve a certain goal in their fitness journey, but it is more than that. Exercise not only reduces your risk of disease and keeps your heart healthy, but also increases endorphins and improves mood. As a college student, when life gets hectic, exercise is a good retreat from reality.

With a jam-packed schedule and tons of schoolwork, college students can find it hard to implement a workout routine; especially when waking up early is easier said than done. The best way to fit exercise into your week is by looking at your schedule and designating certain days and breaks from class for going to the gym.

Maybe, for instance, designate every Monday and Wednesday evening to going for a run and leaving Saturday mornings for your favorite spin or yoga class. Regardless of what that schedule may be, it’s a great way to break up your school days. In college, setting time aside for yourself is golden.

As nice as routines are, it’s realistic to know that maintaining it perfectly is impossible. You will have your off days and not be able to exercise, but just know, that’s normal. The best part of a routine is that you can switch it up, adapt it, and change it to fit your needs.

The key to an exercise routine is balance; go on your morning run, but also have your slice of pizza. Developing a routine will make exercise feel less like a chore and more like an activity. Go for a walk, a run, or practice some yoga. It’ll be worth it!


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