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Fitting the Gym into a College Lifestyle

Every semester, we all make a resolution that we will go to the gym more often, we will eat better, and be healthier. Then, three weeks in... we catch ourselves not having gone to the gym for over a week... and having no plan to go anytime soon.

So, I thought I’d do a fun article that lists the excuses of why we don’t go to the gym. So sit back, relax, avoid all your thoughts of going to the gym, and read this article instead!


1. “I have too much work.”

The classic college excuse. It honestly doesn’t get much more real than that. I think this is a pretty good excuse if you ask me because at the end of the day, college is a whole lot of work and it gets a little tiring when we push ourselves to do our best. Also, extracurriculars and external organizations can take up a lot of time too so it makes a lot of sense.

WHY WE SHOULD STILL GO: Time management!! Set apart the time for the gym so that you are more organized with all of your work. The gym is so important and you don’t want to fall into the loop of always having “too much work” when you’re at school because it’s hard to get out of it.


2. “Today was a really hard day.”

I feel this one simply because college messes with your mental health A LOT. Some days it is really hard to get yourself out of bed and just to the gym. Emotionally, you’re drained, you need to take a break. So, maybe skip the gym for a day and it’ll get better?

WHY WE SHOULD STILL GO: I’m sorry that your day has been a little rough and every once in a while, it is okay to call the gym off. But, if you feel yourself just being tired or lazy and using that as an excuse, push yourself to go to the gym. There have been studies that show that working out correlates with a positive outlook on the world, so who knows? Maybe a break isn’t actually the solution that your body needs! Maybe the gym is!!


3. “Maybe I’ll finally sleep!”

If this isn’t the mood for the whole semester. I can personally attest that every once in a while I wonder how much I slept this past week. And trust me... the number is never good. BUT, I agree whenever I don’t have work for a change, I wonder if maybe I’ll take a nap.

WHY WE SHOULD STILL GO: This one is a little iffy because some days, I think it’s important to take a break. But, once again don’t let yourself get lazy because it is so easy. Even if you’re tired, going to the gym can help wake you up, especially if you still have work left for the rest of the day. So, get gyming!


4. “I don’t have time today, maybe tomorrow.”

The “maybe tomorrow” is a hard funk tomorrow because tomorrow could easily become next year. Do not under any means change tomorrow if you’re sticking with this excuse. That being said, take a break if you need it. Sometimes with the stress of college, we all need it.

WHY WE SHOULD STILL GO: You never know when “tomorrow” will be. If you push yourself to go and make the time for it, your schedule is strict which means less time to be lazy and more time to study. So go work out even if it’s only for 30 minutes because it is so worth it in the long run.


5. “I live so far from the gym, it’s basically a workout just getting there.”

This one is preaching to the choir! I live in East and the gym is in West Campus and it is NOT easy hauling all the way over there in the cold. It is quite rough. So yes I agree. GETTING THERE IS A WORKOUT. It is so tiring and it is a huge time commitment.

WHY WE SHOULD STILL GO: It’s not enough of a workout and your muscles aren’t getting all the benefits they would get in a traditional workout. Also, even if you don’t go to the gym, might I suggest a mean core workout to get your body moving! There are so many YouTube videos out there that can give you training advice and I think it’s a great thing to have.


At the end of the day, the gym is good for you and we all know it. That’s why we have those resolutions every single semester. So, let’s all try to go to the gym more frequently and avoid those excuses. Besides, we might as well go and look cute all semester. Next time I walk down Commonwealth Avenue, I better see some gym shoes and thick jackets for the long walk over! Let’s get ready to gym!!


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