Free Workout Classes in the Waltham, MA area

Who doesn’t love a good workout class? And when that workout class is free? Even better. Tons of studios offer clients the opportunity to try their first class for free, and here is a list of some awesome studios around the Waltham area that you can try out!


CorePower Yoga – Newton & Cambridge

One of the best things about CorePower is their unique “sculpt” class. This class combines traditional yoga moves with more boot camp-style exercises, so you’re both stretching and doing cardio. Also, CorePower lets you try an entire week for free. They offer regular yoga classes as well.


Orangetheory Fitness – Brighton

Orangetheory is a mix of both treadmill running and floor exercises, while you wear a monitor to track your heart rate. The monitor lets you know when you are in the “orange zone”—which means you are burning your maximum amount of calories. This is a great one-hour workout that is ideal for weight loss and overall toning.


Title Boxing Club – Boston, Somerville, and other locations

Even if you don’t think boxing is your thing, Title is still a great workout, and the instructors show you the fundamentals. You work with a punching bag, and there are other exercises intermingled with the boxing rounds, ensuring an effective full-body workout.


BodyBurn by Ray – Belmont

This class includes lots of high-intensity moves along with strength conditioning. With inspiring coaching, you are sure to get a motivating workout at BBBR.


Lululemon – Multiple locations

Although not an actual studio, Lululemon offers tons of free classes for the general public. Classes include boot camps, yoga, and even run clubs. You can check out the schedule here.



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