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Mariangel Diaz

FIU '20

Mariangel Diaz is currently a junior at Florida International University and a staff writer for Her Campus. Her passion for writing is immense and she writes articles about based on what inspires her and what takes her on an adventure. She attended Saint Brendan Catholic High School where she was apart of the schools campus ministry, where she had to write and prepare talks for her peers. That's where she grew the courage to talk in front of others and where she was able to practice her writing skills when it came to putting a speech together. At the high school, she was also on the dance team. She has been dancing since she was four years old and currently is a dance instructor where she gets to expand on her other creative side which is, choreographing. Mariangel loves all things that involve creativity and is eager to inspire, guide and give tips to readers! Stay tuned for upcoming articles!