• Five Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

    Tattoos have become incredibly popular. Whether you’re planning your next tattoo or you just want to look at some really cool artists, here’s a list of a few tattoo artists to check out on Instagram.

  • 5 Types of Girls You've Definitely Seen on Campus

    Whether you’re a university freshman or you’ve survived and made it to your senior year, you’ve most likely been around campus long enough to come across all the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

  • Healthy Meal Prepping for Finals

    It’s that dreaded time of the semester again! Between late night paper writing, cramming in four months worth of notes into two weeks and last-minute job hunting, finals season can make even the most health conscious student cheat and pick up a McDonald’s meal.

  • 6 Brands That Are Designing with Diversity

    Individuals from all identities have persisted and shown the world that diversity and individuality are the sexiest things to walk the runway, and we couldn’t agree more!

  • Sexual Consent

    What is sexual consent? Read on to learn more. Trigger warning: rape, sexual coercion, assault, and harassment.

  • What’s Up with this Ottawa Opioid Drug Crisis?

    If you are either a member of the Ottawa community or in contact with those living in Ottawa, I’m sure you’ve heard a news report or two of the tragic deaths of teens in the city. The cause of death being due to that “one bad pill” or “seemingly” trusted pharmaceuticals.

  • Surviving Abuse - Part 2

    In the second part of "Surviving Abuse", I was able to chat with one of my girlfriends about the physical and emotional abuse that she experienced in a previous relationship. This is what she shared with me:

  • Health and You, Subjectively!

    As a writer for the Collegiette Health section of Her Campus uOttawa, I starting really thinking about what “healthy” means to me and realized that my personal definition may be different than someone else’s. I asked the Her Campus uOttawa team what “healthy” meant to them to help promote healthy living while recognizing that we may all go about it differently (and that’s ok!).

  • 5 Ways to Save on Groceries

    Whether you’re in first year and opted out of a meal plan or second year and have just started cooking for yourself, you can always benefit from saving more money!

  • 3 Ingredients to Avoid and Look for in Beauty Products

    Paying attention to the ingredients that are in your cosmetics may seem like a tedious and annoying task, but it's certainly important. There are loads of ingredients in cosmetic products that can be potentially damaging; however, there are also some that have added benefits! Here are just a few to keep an eye out for.

  • Eyebrows Speak Louder Than Words

    Most of us know about the ongoing struggle of keeping our eyebrows shaped and groomed. For those of you who are strangers to the world of the brow , here are a few tips to help steer you in the right direction.

  • How to Feel Good Alone

    Sometimes, we all need to recharge in our rooms alone. Some feel guilty for doing it and some need to do this daily. Here's how to do it:

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