• What to Expect from University Formals

    Most of us have experienced formals in high school such as Prom, Winter Ball, or Homecoming. Naturally, many of us want to continue this fun and exciting tradition in university, but the expectations are a little bit different. This guide to university formals will help clear up what you should expect and will give you ideas for how to make your night the best it can be!

  • How Your Best Friend is Improving Your Health

    Since our first steps on the playground, friendships have been a major part of our lives. Whether you met them twenty years ago or a month ago, your best friends are the people who know you best and share some of your greatest memories. Here's a bonus: that vital relationship is actually improving your health!

  • 5 Cooking Tips for Small Kitchens

    Do you have a small kitchen? Odds are, you've noticed how difficult it is to cook, clean and work inside yours! Read on to see how you can organize your small kitchen and use it to its full potential!

  • How to be a Real Person

    We all need to call our mothers once in a while for tips on adulting. Check out our latest article to see if you share some common struggles with HCuO!

  • 5 Ways to Feel Body Positive

    We’ve all been there. It could’ve been the result of a disheartening shopping trip where nothing fit right or the devouring of a large Domino’s after a night out. Here are 5 foolproof ways to make you feel body positive, fast!

  • Vacation Style Must-Haves

    This article goes out to all the lucky students who are going on post-reading week vacations (because let’s be real: it’s way cheaper to...

  • 6 Ways to Get Enough Protein

    Protein is an important nutrient. It helps repair tissues and is a building block in the production of bones, muscle, skin, cartilage and blood. These our some easy ways you can sneak more protein into your daily meals.

  • Ce qui va me manquer d’Ottawa

    À la mi-mars, je pars d’Ottawa pour faire mon stage à Thunder Bay et la vie d’adulte commence. C’est la fin de ma vie étudiante et le début d’une nouvelle aventure. Après avoir passé 5 ans à Ottawa, j’ai créé beaucoup de moments mémorables et j’ai rencontré plusieurs amis. Donc, voici une liste de ce qui va me manquer d’Ottawa :

  • Tips For Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses

    Getting glasses is a common occurence in a university student's career. Between reading all those textbooks, writing papers, and all those not-so-secret Netflix binges, our eyes are overworked and overtired. Many people dread getting glasses, but fear not, this style guide will provide tips and tricks for finding the perfect match for you!

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