• This Explains Everything

    Whether you’re in your first or last year of university, it’s very difficult to enjoy the “now” aspects of your educational experiences when you’re only ever expected to instantaneously answer what’s happening next in your life. The truth is: no one ever knows what’s next, and that’s okay.

  • The 5 Best Fall 2016 Trends

    With winter just around the corner, why not take a moment to bask in the happy medium that is fall; the season where you can pull off a cute jacket and ankle boots without having to worry about frostbite. Read on to see the Fall trends for 2016.

  • How to Control Breakouts During Midterm Season

    The university student is no stranger to killer breakouts, especially around stressful times. With midterm season upon us, it’s important that we make sure to take the utmost care of our skin. Here are a few things a collegiette can do to ensure that her skin is in great shape and to cure stubborn breakouts!

  • My Notebook Addiction

    Are you addicted to notebooks, pens and post-it notes? We at HCuO are too, so why don't we help fuel your addiction just a little bit more.

  • Beloved Teachers at uOttawa

    We all know deep down that we have one or more favourite teachers. They are the ones who make it worth it to show up to an 8:30am class or even a 7pm - 10pm class. They make us want to learn, work harder and improve our skills. We asked some of our readers to tell us about their favourite teachers. Here is a list of eight teachers who are loved at uOttawa.

  • A Guide to Student Job Searches

    Being a student, you might feel that you're condemned to work in retail or fast food until you graduate; however, there are many other opportunities for students that we're often not told about. Read on to learn about resources that will help you land a great job.

  • Kate Forman, Ottawa Slut Walk Lead Organizer

    Kate Forman rose to a lead organizer’s role in this year’s Slut Walk, which took place on September 18th in protest supporting victims of sexual violence and ending rape culture.

  • The Art of Bullet Journalling

    Journaling is like a playlist queue for your brain, helping it work out what’s going to start after one thing finishes.

  • Fall Season - The Food Season

    Who doesn’t love fall? Cool weather, warm sweaters, riding boots and colorful leaves. Not only does it have the ultimate food holiday (gotta love Thanksgiving!!), but it also provides some of the most flavourful food. Can you say "yum"? Here are few of our favorites here at HCuOttawa.

  • Reggie Cash Jr., YouTuber

    Reggie Cash Jr is all about making people happy and being the best version of himself to make his dreams a reality.

  • Mark MacDonald

    Check out this past alumni from uOttawa living his dream through music.

  • The New Zealand Experience: Comparing Capitals

    Check out Ali's second installment of her New Zealand exchange segment. Ever wonder how two different city capitals on the opposite sides of the world compare? She's been lucky enough to visit two for her education!

  • Budget Check: Liquid Lipsticks under $15

    Is it comfortable on my lips? Does it stay on after food? Does it sink into my lip lines or feather? These are just a few of the questions you might ask when deciding on the best lipsticks. Read more to learning about some amazing and budget-friendly options!

  • How to Survive Reading Week On Campus

    Are you stuck in your new city of Ottawa during reading week and can't go back home for some reason? Here's a guide to lift your spirits so you won't be too lonely and always have something to do!

  • uOttawa versus Carleton

    uOttawa versus Carleton. Need I say more? With today's Panda Game, let’s review the top 10 reasons why uOttawa is awesome.

  • Lila Ibrahim

    Lila est une jeune femme qui rayonne de bonheur et elle désire voir le monde.

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