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I’m sure we’ve all heard the news that Taylor Swift is releasing a new album on April 19th called The Tortured Poets Department. I can’t wait for this album to come out and I definitely have some thoughts on what she may reveal.

This is Taylor’s first album since her breakup with Joe Awlyn, so it’s safe to say their relationship will be the topic of many of the tracks. I think this album will tell the story of their love for one another slowly dying. I don’t think it will be full of petty remarks like some of her other breakup songs, but instead will capture a deep feeling of loss and devastation. It will probably capture the feeling of falling out of love, outgrowing your partner, and possibly a sense of betrayal from the person you loved the most.

Another theme I believe this album will touch on is losing yourself in your relationship. I think it will tell the story of constantly changing yourself and shrinking yourself to satisfy your partner. Taylor will capture a deep sense of regret over her 6-year relationship and having to step out of the spotlight for the sake of her partner. In recent months, Taylor has made it clear that she wants to be in the public eye and she has dozens of paparazzi photos with Travis Kelcee, which is drastically different from how we’ve seen her these past years with Joe.

Taylor Swift loves to draw parallels and connect all her songs together—which is one of many reasons why Swifties freak out over some of her lyrics. I’m both excited and nervous to see how she’ll reference her albums Lover and reputation, both featuring many love songs about Joe Alwyn and their budding relationship. I have a strong feeling that this album will absolutely break my heart and forever change the way I think about some of her most emotional and romantic love songs.

I also predict that this album will capture all five stages of grief. Based on the fact that she’s been working on it for the past two years, I think she’ll take us on the journey from denial to acceptance in the most beautiful and poetic way possible. With song titles like “But daddy I love him” and “I can fix him (no really, I can)”, I will definitely be listening with tissues within reach and bracing myself for a wild ride.

It may be too early to declare this but I have a feeling this could be my favourite Taylor album to date— and also her saddest. I’m expecting vocals, poetry, and pure raw emotion. Taylor has said herself that she needed to write this album more than any other, which makes me even more excited. I’m hoping to get a sense of everything from heartbreak to healing—of course all the hot relationship tea. I also hope for at least one music video because I’m loving the visuals for this era so far. It feels like April 19th can’t come soon enough; I’ll be updating you on my thoughts once the album drops, so stay tuned!

Jenna Edghill

U Ottawa '25

Hello, I’m Jenna I am currently in my third year at the University of Ottawa in the criminology program.