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33 Affirmations For Singles On Valentine’s Day Who Need Some Self-Love

Whether you love Valentine’s Day or loathe the mere reminder, navigating the holiday can be difficult for someone not in the dating scene. It’s a day meant for couples, relationships, and all the ooey-gooey clichés written on cards, but these love affirmations for singles on Valentine’s Day can help you remember you deserve better than to let some capitalist holiday get you down.

Reframing Valentine’s Day as Love Day allows more wholesome intentions to come forth. You can appreciate yourself and the people around you. You don’t need a partner to dress up and go out. This year, put on a cute Valentine’s Day outfit and take yourself on a romantic date — increase that emotional intimacy with yourself! Or stay home, light a Valentine’s Day candle, and participate in some physical intimacy with yourself. If your girlfriends aren’t cuffed and busy, you can celebrate Galentine’s Day, too. Get them a little something special, host a movie night and stream your favorite movies.

But if you really do want to manifest a future partner for Valentine’s Days years down the line, Elise Recupero, a manifestation coach and founder of Fabulously Spiritual, provides Her Campus with some insight on how to do it. She says, “The key to manifesting is to focus on what you have, not what you don’t have.” She adds, “Keep affirmations elevated and only speak of what you want, not what you don’t want. Speak it as if you already have it — you are limitless and can have anything.”

This Valentine’s Day, you can say words of affirmations to yourself in the middle of your rom-com marathon to help you manifest your dream life. The results aren’t instantaneous or even guaranteed, of course — you also need to put yourself out there and girlboss some more (ironically, of course). Words alone can’t do all the work for you in finding a new partner, but they can help you get into the right mindset. Want to try it out for yourself? Here are some affirmations to get you started.

For those healing from previous relationships

Maybe you’re holding on to relics from the past when you could let go. Elise stresses that it is important to not obsess over any kind of relationship — past or future — because it doesn’t let you move forward. She tells Her Campus, “When you obsess, you restrict the flow of the Universe. Let it go so the Universe can get to work for you!” Try saying these affirmations aloud to help you let go:

  • I am not defined by my past.
  • I deserve loving relationships.
  • Rejection is protection and redirection.
  • I can heal at my own pace and in my own way.
  • The more I sit with myself, the less I am afraid that someone else will erase me by denying me love.
  • It is nobody’s fault when two people don’t fit.
  • I will know what is precious because I’ve experienced what isn’t.
  • There are many more people I will love who I have yet to meet.
  • I am the master of my fate. I will accept only what is worthy.

For those who have Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” on repeat

Like bell hooks wrote, “Knowing how to be solitary is central to the art of loving.” Elise tells Her Campus something similar: “To bring in love you need to love yourself and be open to receive love as well. The Universe matches your energy. If you are filled with love and gratitude, the universe gives you more love and more to feel grateful for.” These affirmations will help remind you of that love and gratitude you have inside:

  • I am not alone. I have people that I love who love me.
  • I am not missing a half. I am whole.
  • All that I need is within me.
  • I will not continue cyclical relationships with disappointing people.
  • Lots of people are simply not the right fit.
  • I am under no obligation to stay in a situation I do not like.
  • I am at home with myself.
  • I am creating a life of abundance, love, and acceptance.
  • My vulnerability is permissible, natural, and beautiful.

For those ready for their Mr. Darcy

Maybe you want to manifest a significant other — more power to you for knowing what you want. If this is the case, Elise advises, “Feel their presence next to you as you call them in.” Again, these affirmations alone won’t do all the work for you, but as Elise said, you are limitless (and deserve a loving partner), so don’t be afraid to dream big!

  • I am open to receiving love. I am ready for a mature relationship. I am attracting a compatible divine partner.
  • Everything I need is already within me.
  • I love myself. I am a very top-quality person.
  • I trust that everything will work out and that there is a reason for everything that happens.
  • Romantic love will enter my life when the time is right.
  • I have someone who matches my energy and we will continually uplift each other.
  • I have a generous and beautiful life partner.

For those centering their peace

This should be everyone! Romantic love doesn’t have to be the ultimate goal when you’re satisfied with yourself and your community. Make your current situations and home(s) a safe place for you to rest, heal, and love with these affirmations.

  • I keep my heart open to accept all the love that comes my way. 
  • Love comes in many forms. I’m surrounded by love. 
  • I am independent and self-sufficient, with a community of people who support and love me.
  • I have people who will accept me when I need help.
  • I do not chase; I attract what’s meant for me.
  • I am adaptable and flexible to change while I pursue my ambitions.
  • I cannot change other people and I am grateful to not be burdened with the desire to try.
  • I am guided toward my purpose; I claim my power.

It’s okay to not settle for mediocrity in a partner. Just because you aren’t exclusively seeing someone doesn’t mean that you do not have an abundance of love in your life. If you occasionally forget, and need some reassurance, that’s totally fine — you can remind yourself of how absolutely lovable and incredible you are with these affirmations. With confidence and extra effort, you have the power to create a life as beautiful as you give yourself credit for.

You are what you love. In my case, it's riot grrrl music, healing reads, and bell hooks quotes. I am a national HC writer and a chapter editor at UC Irvine, where I study political science and social ecology.