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I Love Valentine’s Day & Haters Can Argue With The Wall

Valentine’s Day is approaching, whether you like it or not. And while some of y’all are planning on your day of all-black outfits, bottles of wine, and walking around proclaiming, “I hate Valentine’s Day,” you’ll be catchin’ me living it up this Valentine’s Day. Because, guess what? I’m done hiding from you haters. I love Valentine’s Day. I said it.

I understand why some people are Valentine’s Scrooges. After all, in a 2017 survey by YouGov, it was found that 48% of Americans viewed Valentine’s Day as “overrated,” 19% described it as “cheesy,” and 13% considered it “tacky.” And while 43% of Americans are on the same side as me, it seems as though the United States is generally pessimistic when it comes to heart-shaped boxes and red roses.

I’ve heard the argument that Valentine’s Day sets up unrealistic expectations for couples, or that it’s another holiday dedicated to corporate America (many of which anti-consumerist Gen Z has already panned), or even the viewpoint that you have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine’s Day. But before you call me “tacky” or go off on some rant about how Valentine’s Day is a day created off of buying things for people, I ask that you take your hatred of this innocent holiday elsewhere and let me wear my heart-covered, red and pink ensemble in peace, please.

As a verified V-Day lover, I know firsthand how much better life is when you stop trying to curbstomp this glorious holiday just for a bit. Because I, once upon a time, was a Valentine’s Day Hater. (Gasp!)

It’s true — I once looked at the holiday with disdain whether I was single or in a relationship. I felt like it was this big day dedicated to spending money on gifts and fancy dinners and all of that other corporate hubbub. And in terms of that whole Galentine’s Day thing, popularized by Millennials who love Parks & Rec, I honestly thought even the title alone was far more tacky than Valentine’s Day altogether.

But then I realized that cringe is dead, and it’s okay to be in love with love. Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love in all of its forms. Whether that’s treating your mom and dad to a breakfast sandwich in the morning, getting lunch with your girlies in the afternoon, a fun date night with your significant other in the evening, or lighting some Valentine’s Day candles and treating yourself to some *sexy time* alone at night, we all deserve to spread love. Getting stuck on the romantic side of things just creates unnecessary pressure. Even if it’s just for a day, maybe your V-Day expressions of love will inspire you to treat every day like Valentine’s Day.

So you can think that I’m cringy, or tacky, or perhaps up the butt of corporate America. But while the V-Day haters are staying sad this Valentine’s Day, I’ll be giving out Valentines to people I see on the street, treating myself to flowers, and spreading all of that good love we need. I hope you join me! Do a fun makeup look, wear a cute outfit, and have a little bit more fun this V-Day. Love looks good on you, babe.

julianna is an editor-at-large, horror movie fanatic, and fierce oxford comma defender at her campus. a pittsburgh-native/los angeles-transplant, she writes "signs of the times," where she'll call out your zodiac sign twice a week. she might be out for blood. when she's not busy dishing out hot takes, analyzing your birth chart, and ranting about films, you can typically find her anywhere books, bands, and beers are.
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