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How To Manifest Love In Your Life

Pints of ice cream. Romantic comedies. Cute couples flooding your Instagram and Tik Tok feeds. The “Oh, I’m sorry, I can’t hang out because I’m with so-and-so, my utterly adorable significant other.” We’ve all been there. Sometimes, being single can feel so hopeless.

At this point, most of us have heard this comment at least once during our single days: “Once you stop looking for love, then you’ll find it!” It’s an easy concept in theory, but how can you find something without explicitly looking for it? 

That’s where manifesting love comes in.

I know, you may be skeptical of whether or not you can really manifest a significant other into your life and you should know that just because you engage in the practice, you can’t expect results instantly: you do have to put in some work! But manifestation may be able to help you gain what you want, from envisioning a better career with more money to even something as out there as sex magic (yes, you read that right), and most of the time, it’s as simple as writing it down on paper. If you want to know how to manifest love in your life, read on to find out the definition of manifestation and how it may be able to help you  and some expert-approved manifestation methods you can put into practice for your own love life.

What is manifestation, and does it actually work?

Manifestation, or the law or attraction, is the practice of visualizing a particular goal to then send into the universe. And then, from there, this specific goal has been locked into place in your life’s journey. Basically, if you can see it happening, like really see it, then there’s a chance it will.

According to Sindhu Satish (or Sin), a life and manifestation coach, “Manifestation is the process of making your dreams come true, in a nutshell. You can manifest your deepest desires and dreams using a variety of methods that are both fun and exciting.”

However, manifestation isn’t something that works overnight. If anything, manifestation can require a lot of work. 

“Manifestation tells you that the right mindset is super important to achieve your goal, but that itself isn’t enough,” Sin says. “Hard work combined with a positive mindset and determination are the ultimate ingredients in achieving what you want.”

Interested in potentially manifesting the love into love life? Here are some simple methods to get you started.

Start by visualizing love — but not a specific person

We all know the saying: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” And when it comes to manifesting love, this is one of the best methods to test out. Sin’s recommendation? The Abraham Hicks Method of 17 Seconds Meditation.

“Hold your thought and meditate for 17 seconds, visualizing a situation (relating to love) that you’d like to attract,” Sin instructs. “The most important thing about manifesting love is that you don’t manifest a specific person, but you manifest a potential feeling of how they make you feel.”

Find a quiet moment alone to really think about what you want to manifest. Once you’ve got that, take a few moments to visualize it and lock in that manifestation with the universe.

You can even manifest in your sleep

“The Pillow Method” can be a great method of manifesting love, because you’ll be doing a lot of the work subconsciously.

According to Sin, this method works best before settling down for the night.  “Write down your ideal love situation on a piece of paper and keep it under your pillow. Look at it before sleeping every night and, rest assured, it’ll be on your mind as you sleep, resulting in subconscious visualization!”

Get crafty with a vision board

Finally, for a more creative approach to manifestation, try your hand at making a vision board! Vision boards are a fantastic way of bringing those visions and manifestations into a tangible form as a reminder of your goals. Cut and paste old magazines, newspapers, and other mediums onto a poster sheet for a physical copy of your board, or take to a digital design app like Photoshop or Canva for a cleaner approach. From there, make sure to place your artwork in areas that you’ll see it the most often, like in front of your mirror or on your desk.

“Create that vision board with pictures of what you’d like to attract,” Sin says. “Avoid pictures of a specific person, but add details of things and situations you’d like to be in. For example, traveling to a particular place with your potential partner. From there, just look at the vision board every day, multiple times if you can!”

Whether you’re looking for it or not, dabbling in the act of manifestation can set yourself in a positive mindset when it comes to love. From there, it’s really up to you — like Sin said, mindset alone isn’t enough, so you’ll have to do some work toward putting yourself out there and allowing new connections with people to form. Whether you’re visualizing the ultimate meet cute, writing down traits of a prospective partner, or creatively picturing your dream love life, manifestation can only help you with sending out those positive vibes. Who knows? Maybe the universe will even reward you for it.


Sindhu Satish, Life & Manifestation Coach

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