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Everything We Know About Alix Earle’s Accutane Experience

Whether she’s spilling the hot goss on her public breakup, her rocky sorority recruitment experience, or her boob job, Alix Earle doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting candid with her fans. And, as far as her struggle with acne and journey on Accutane goes, she’s an open book. The TikTok it girl recently rose to stardom (aka gained 1.7 million followers in just a month) and continues to gain traction daily. So, why does it feel like every TikTok user is under the Alix Earle spell? Her authenticity. 

Sure, Alix Earle’s lifestyle is captivating. She takes private jets home for winter break from the University of Miami, she went to Drake’s birthday party, and she did a casual #GRWM with Selena Gomez. But, the main reason fans can’t get enough of Earle is because she’s actually just like us. As another college woman dealing with acne, Earle takes to her platform to get real about her skin insecurities, her experience on Accutane and how she deals with the symptoms that come with it, her product recommendations for acne-prone skin, and most importantly, her confidence tips. 

Fans follow Earle’s lead when it comes to her favorite makeup products, her hair care routine, her signature scent, and even her go-to breakfast. Now, it’s time to be influenced by her advice on how to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Here’s everything we know about Alix Earle’s Accutane experience.


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Alix Earle’s Acne Journey 

While fans everywhere have praised Earle for her flawless appearance, the queen herself shared a reminder in her Accutane TikTok series that social media is fake, and there’s a beauty filter on TikTok that blurs the appearance of “imperfections.” Earle admits that at the start of her journey with acne, she didn’t want to leave the house without makeup, and she especially didn’t want to post about it. Now, due to the support of her following, she feels empowered sharing her skin, and she hopes to do the same for others. 

“If I can post that online for millions of people to see, then you can leave your house, you can go to class, you can go to the grocery store,” Earle said in a video about sharing her acne online. The more that influencers start to normalize acne and having imperfections in your skin, Earle said, the less insecure people will feel about it. 

Alix Earle’s Accutane Experience 

Earle is currently on her second round of Accutane. The TikTok creator said she believes her recent acne was a result of changing hormone levels after stopping birth control last November, and getting a breast augmentation last January.

Earle started her second Accutane journey in November 2022, and as of January 2023, she’s on her fourth month of the prescription and her dosage has about doubled. She said she plans to take the medication for a total of six to seven months for a complete treatment. If you’re currently considering Accutane, consult your doctor to see if it’s the right fit for you, as it affects everyone differently. 

Alix Earle’s Accutane Symptoms 

Like I said, Accutane affects everyone in different ways. Earle even faced different symptoms between her two experiences on the medication. The main side effects Earle described are super dry lips, and skin cracking around her mouth and nose. Because of the dryness, she said she also experiences some bloody noses, and a drier hair texture. She noticed slight hair loss during her first time taking Accutane, but said that’s no longer a problem for her. 

Earle said she also deals with mood shifts as a result of Accutane. This wasn’t an issue for her the first time she took the prescription, but this time around, she faces “spurts of sadness.” She shared in a video, “Sometimes, I just want to cry, and I’m not a big crier.” *Relatable.*

With this being said, Earle said the symptoms are very manageable. She does, however, warn about drinking on Accutane. Speak with your dermatologist about what’s best for you.

Alix Earle’s SKIN Transformation 

Before starting Accutane, Earle said she spent almost every day miserable because of her insecurities over her acne and the physical pain she was in. After her first month on the medication, however, Earle said her skin was less “painful and inflamed.” The breakouts on her cheeks cleared up, though she said she began to break out on her forehead and neck more.

Gradually, Earle’s skin texture has improved, and at the start of her fourth month on the medication, she said she notices a large difference. At the low moments in her acne journey, Earle says she was so anxious to get out of that state because she thought she never would. Now, she thinks differently. She said in her TikTok, “Acne is normal. Pores, bumpy skin, texture, scars, acne — all of that is normal.” 

Earle says it took her a long time to realize that what was happening to her was a normal, human thing that goes away, and she didn’t have to try to hide it from everyone else. “No one realizes things as much as you do. We are literally living on a floating rock. If you’re going to let this dictate your life, and dictate what you do, and how you feel about yourself, you’re being stupid,” Earle said. And, as tough as it may seem, she’s not wrong.

Take it from Earle: “If you’re dealing with this or insecure about something with your skin, you’re normal. You’re fine. You’ll get through it. Do not stress. You’re beautiful.”

Alix Earle’s Acne Product Recommendations

If you’re breaking out, less is more, Earle explains. She recommends the gentle products below in her “Acne/Accutane” Amazon storefront because they won’t “scorch your skin.”

Bag Balm

Earle recommends Bag Balm ($8) for dry lips and skin on Accutane. “It’s really, really strong because it was made for cow udders,” she said in her Accutane TikTok series.

Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm

Another Earle rec for dried out lips: Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm ($8). She says she swears by this product when her lips are “cracking off [her] face.”

Hero cosmetics Rescue Balm

Earle said she’s been using this Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm ($12) since before she started her Accutane journey. She said it feels calming and super gentle on the skin, unlike other acne products.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch original

The Mighty Patches from Hero Cosmetics ($12) are the perfect product for pesky spot treatment, according to Earle.

CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Cream Combo

The CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Cream Combo ($39) comes with the Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Lotion. These products will help to gently heal flaky, dry skin.

One more piece of advice from Earle: “This is just a reminder, this is not the end of the world, and it’s going to be OK.”

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