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The Omelette Alix Earle Makes For Breakfast Sounds Yummy, TBH

If you’re a wellness fanatic or simply someone who is always on top of the latest trends, you’ve probably spent the last couple months slaying the “hot girl walk.” But before you lace up your shoes and head out to strut, remember the importance of a balanced meal — especially in the mornings. Here’s a healthy, well-rounded breakfast to win the day, according to Alix Earle, aka Tik Tok’s It Girl

ICYMI: Alix Earle is a University of Miami who just recently rose to fame on TikTok. At the beginning of 2022, she had a stable following, but doubled her followers from 1.7 to 3.7 million in just a few months. From her travel vlogs to makeup tutorials, she is most well-known for her lifestyle content. College students enjoy her videos as Earle simply posts videos giving viewers glimpses into her life rather than making her followers the object of a sales pitch. As a student at the University of Miami balancing a vibrant social life and keeping up with her studies, it’s no question why Gen Z college students like following her. 

Earle recently posted a What I Eat In A Day video, and while those types of videos are often problematic, fans fell in love with the recipe for Earle’s go-to breakfast omelette. 


Replying to @newphonewhodiisssss every day is different but this is a general idea!! #whatieatinaday

♬ Au Revoir – Sweet After Tears

This recipe is relatively simple. All you need is eggs, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and hot sauce, if you like some spice.

Start off by adding the eggs and veggies into a greased pan. Once the eggs are set, fold the omelette, flip it, and cook the other side. The whole process should only take about five minutes.

Feel free to mix in any veggies you want. You can also add ham, sausage, or bacon if you want to increase your protein intake. The basis of this recipe is that you’re having a well-balanced meal of carbs, proteins, and vitamins —you can mix it up however you like. This omelette is nutritious and filling, and it’s quick to make before an early day of classes. 

These simple omelettes have been a staple in mom and pop kitchens for years, however, since her posting, fans have been recreating the recipe and sharing it on TikTok.

Spring term is around the corner. It’s important to start your day with a nutritionally-packed meal so that you can power through those study sessions, ace your evening practices, and stay healthy throughout the semester. Earle’s omelette is just one great option to jumpstart your day with a balanced, protein-packed breakfast.

Ashlynn is a published poet who studies Religion and English at Southwestern University. On the off chance she isn't writing or burying her nose in another psychology book, she is probably eating sushi with her friends. She loves boba, doing yoga, and rummaging antique vinyl stores!