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Hold Up… Did Alix Earle Get Back Together With Her Ex?

If Alix Earle has 100 fans, I’m one of them. If Alix Earle has one fan, I’m her. If Alix Earle has no fans, I’m logged out of TikTok; and I’m not alone in this mindset. Alix Earle has been all over social media, and fans have been loving her GRWMs and her extremely real college storytimes. However, Earle fans have also been keeping up with a different part of her life: her relationships.

In 2022, Earle stans fell in love with her relationship with professional baseball player Tyler Wade. However, after their breakup in Dec. 2022, they remained on Earle’s side after she spilled the tea on their breakup in the most iconic way — by being 100% unbothered. Since then, fans have been loving the single life for Earle and even shipping her with a particular TikTok comedian — AKA, Matt Rife. (If she doesn’t want him, I’ll step in.) However, an eagle-eyed Earle fan shared some information that has TikTok feeling… conflicted.

On Jan 8, @mikaylakuphal shared a video on TikTok spilling some serious tea: she spotted Earle and Wade out together in Los Angeles. According to the user, she saw Wade and Earle walking around outside in the Melrose Ave. area. “I was, like shocked, and I just had to take a video,” she says before inserting a clip of Wade and Earle.

After posting, fans flooded the comment section of the video. While some stans are excited about the couple’s reunion, and some are saying Earle has never been more relatable, others aren’t exactly feeling it: “I saw Tyler on Raya today smh,” one fan wrote. It’s giving messy, bestie.

To add to the tea, Earle posted a GRWM a few hours later where she talks about going to grab dinner… “with a friend.” Since the tea was spilled about Earle and Wade’s sighting together, fans made sure to ask if that “friend” she was about to see is none other than Wade. Let’s just say, the comment sections on all of her videos are full of fans asking her to spill the tea. Her Campus reached out to Earle’s team for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.


LOVE this sweater and will be wearing it everyday until further notice #grwm

♬ original sound – alix earle

However, on Jan. 10, Earle updated fans with a TikTok video before visiting the famous Booth By Bryant. In the video, Earle confirms that she did, in fact, see Wade. Contrary to her response, Earle and Wade ended on good terms and have continued to stay friends. We love to see a healthy breakup!

This article was originally published on Jan. 9. It was updated on Jan. 11.

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