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I’m Obsessed With Alix Earle Celebrating Her “Boobaversary”

I don’t know about you, but my new favorite national holiday is Alix Earle’s “boobaversary,” since Earle chose to keep it open and honest when talking about her breast augmentation. On Jan. 6, one year after her surgery, she posted a GRWM storytime to TikTok about her experience under the knife and her plastic surgery journey.

Earle might not sound too familiar. She’s a fresh face online and secured her TikTok It Girl throne in just a few short months. (Like seriously, since 2022 started, she doubled her followers from 1.7 to 3.7 million.) But a quick way to get to know her is to watch her real AF college chronicles or to try out her viral, hot girl omelet recipe.

Now, back to the boob job. 

Earle said, “From the start, I decided I was going to be open with this, especially on social media. If you’re paying to get something done, wouldn’t you want people to notice?” So true, queen. She talks about her breast augmentation and then about the lip filler she had put in just days later in her video (OMG). 

Thankfully, Earle assured her audience some strong Tylenol and some prescription painkillers helped her not feel any pain during her year-long recovery process. The 22-year-old said each one of her implants is filled with 275 ccs of saline and the incisions were made in her armpits. She showed off her pits to prove no scarring was left and honestly, I’m impressed. Flawless armpits. Not a sentence I thought I’d ever be saying. 

The University of Miami marketing major explained part of the reason she feels like she needs to talk about her plastic surgery and Accutane treatment is that she doesn’t want to set any unrealistic standards for her young, female audience.

“This is also not me convincing anyone to get a boob job,” she added. “You should love yourself. But if there is something you want to do for yourself, then do it. Don’t care about what other people think.”

Earle said she wishes she even went for bigger inserts and regrets absolutely nothing about her surgery. Thus, she’s throwing herself a “booby party” complete with “little booby cupcakes” and champagne. 

I’m here for it. I want to throw myself a booby party. Who doesn’t want to celebrate themselves? When in doubt about throwing yourself a celebration for being hot, ask WWAD (What Would Alix Do?). And we both know the answer is party hard. 

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