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Alix Earle Was Dropped By Her Top Sororities & Her Storytime About It Is Relatable

If you’ve ever been in Greek Life, then I’m sure you’ve got some stories in your arsenal — especially when it comes to recruitment (or rush, a la BamaRushTok). As a former sorority girlie myself, I’m the first one to tell you that the sorority recruitment process is like, the mecca of all things content: in the first 10 minutes alone, I had enough stories to talk my mom’s ear off for about an hour. Sharing in the most abridged way possible, my recruitment experience was full of tears, former Disney stars, and falling down several flights of stairs in front of an entire sorority. Oh, and I also got COVID. (This was pre-2020 shutdowns, BTW.)

One thing I will elaborate on (sorry, not the Disney star), is the tears. This is a story that recruitment vets know all too well, and that’s getting dropped from your top house. The day before pref, I was dropped by the sorority I thought I’d get into, and the only one I really wanted. Naturally, I was devastated. However, I later came to realize that a lot of people go through the exact same thing… including TikTok icon Alix Earle.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m pretty sure you know exactly who Alix Earle is. The 22-year-old University of Miami student has been blowing up on TikTok, and is on her way to becoming the app’s newest it-girl. Whether it’s watching her GRWMs, mirroring her haircare routine, or following up on her recent breakup, all of us have been keeping up with Earle and her life. So, when she posted a storytime about her sorority rush experience, TikTok was all ears. Naturally.

In Earle’s TikTok, she shares that she was dropped from her top two houses, and spent most of her sorority recruitment experience crying. Not only because she didn’t get into the sororities she wanted, but because all of her friends got a bid into the houses she was dropped from.

“I was bawling my eyes out,” Earle shares in a GRWM. “It was mostly because of the fact that my friends were gonna, like, go into one of these places and I couldn’t be with them, and they were just like, the only girls I was friends with.”

However, Earle did join a sorority — just not for long. While she did make some friends in her sorority, Earle dropped about a year into her membership for “other reasons.”

“I ended up dropping mine because I hate being told what to do,” Earle says. Honestly? Same.

Earle ends the video by gifting first-timers some words of wisdom: don’t beat yourself up, and everything happens for a reason. Hey, if Big Al can survive being dropped by her top houses and still come out on top, what’s stopping any of us, right?


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What sorority was Alix Earle in?

As she mentioned in her video, Earle is no longer in a sorority. However, internet sleuths have theorized that Earle joined Zeta before dropping (according to her Linkedin, as well). If Alix was a Zeta… does that mean that she and queen Kylan could’ve been Greek life sisters?! What a crossover.

With recruitment coming up for a lot of colleges, Earle’s video reminds us all that sorority rush is far from the end of the world. So, if you’re looking to participate in 2023 sorority rush, just keep this in mind: What Would Alix Earle Do?

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