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Alix Earle Uses This Perfume & Here’s Its Cheaper Dupe

Color me influenced — I can’t stop keeping up with Alix Earle. And if you’ve already bought everything in her makeup bag, or shopped her super simple haircare routine, Earle popped on social media to share another one of her go-tos. Just a warning, you might want to grab it before it sells out.

On Jan. 9, after posting a GRWM that sparked some major Tyler Wade reunion rumors (bestie, it’s tea), Earle shared a TikTok plugging her favorite perfume at the moment. In the short TikTok, Earle uses a few spritzes of perfume before posing in a (super cute) vintage Fendi sweater and jeans. “Perfume linked in my Amazon storefront it’s in bio [white heart emoji] cloud,” she writes in the caption. BRB, rushing to the storefront ASAP.

If you didn’t catch the name of the perfume in the caption, fans identified the perfume in the comments. And it’s none other than Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum (Ulta, $65). According to the perfume’s description on Ulta, Cloud Eau de Parfum is an “uplifting fragrance” that evokes feelings of inspiration, dreaminess, and playfulness. In short, it smells like heaven, basically. Excuse me while I add this to my Ulta cart.

ariana grande cloud perfume

Ulta, $65

However, Cloud’s price can be a bit steep for some college kids and young adults out there — myself included. Luckily, there are a few amazing dupes out there that allow you to get the dupe for less. You’re welcome, BTW.

Dream Moon By Pacifica

With notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and pink rose, this perfume (Target, $22) has the same dreamy vibe as Cloud, but at a fraction of the price.

Cosmopolitan Eau De Juice Pure Sugar

If you’re looking for a fruitier take on Cloud, try out this perfume by Cosmopolitan (Walmart, $41). It’s still sweet and dreamy, but with a hint of strawberry.


Finally, Red Temptation by Zara (Zara, $14) is the cheapest option — but it still packs a punch. It’s sweet, creamy, and smells like a dream Literally!

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