If I Can Start Being Healthy, So Can You

We all start with great optimistic goals and resolutions when a new year begins and a very common one is to get healthy, or become more fit. I probably started listening to my own healthy resolutions after making it my goal for five years straight. Some people probably also gave up halfway or even before they started, because I know I was one of them. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Stop looking at being healthy and working out as a huge mountain that you have to move in order to fit into your definition of being “healthy”. Being healthy to some of us may mean being perfectly in shape like those fit models you see on your Instagram, or like your favorite celebrity. However, you will not see such results overnight because you really need to have a strong mindset, realistic goals and patience in order to really achieve your resolution. Everyone starts off with baby steps, and little by little, you will reach your goal. Read on to find out more on how I came about attaining my own healthy lifestyle.


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I had a phase where I was very overweight and it was around the ages of 12-18. I basically struggled with my weight and my appearance for a very long time because it wasn’t easy losing weight and staying on track. I wouldn’t feel confident about taking part in dance performances, I felt bad about not fitting into my desired clothes, and I was even afraid of going to gym in fear of being judged. But let me tell you below on what you SHOULD NOT let you stop from achieving your healthy goals:


Setting incorrect goals

Don’t think of losing weight or becoming “thick” as the only main goal, but think of it as a lifestyle change for being healthy and fit for the long run. Make it permanent, not temporary.


Looking too much at the numbers

Don’t focus on scales. Trust me, I know they can be very disheartening but let me tell you, it’s so inaccurate of determining of how much progress you have made in terms of eating healthy and being fit. Your body will tell you itself how much healthier you’ve become! You can still weigh around the same but look totally different, which was my case for the longest time. Muscle can weigh just as much as fat!


Stressing about the gym

Don’t feel ashamed to go to the gym if you’re new! We all start somewhere and believe me, I was scared out of my mind when I first stepped into the gym. It took time but I got used to it after a while. No one is judging you because everyone is busy trying to achieve their fitness goals!


Focusing on setbacks

Don’t fall back if you cheat on your healthy diet or routine once or twice by eating a huge tub of ice cream or a full bag of brownies. Yes, obviously I know that feeling of guilt but never give up! The next day you’re going to get up and burn it all off at the gym or continue with your healthy meals like nothing ever happened.


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Here are some of the baby steps you can take this year to help you get started! I know they helped me so I want to share these with you and hope they help you!


Take smart sips

Cut out all sugary drinks like sodas, fruit juices and coke, and incorporate smoothies, teas and iced coffees instead.


Plan ahead

Try meal prepping. Be strictly in charge of your own meals, that way you can count your calories for the day, and know what to eat before and after working out.


Eat at home when possible

Try to eat out as little as possible because more often than not, you will be eating junk food. So, eat at home first and then go out for a little snack or drink with your friends when you have to.

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Go (leafy) green

Incorporate a lot of leafy greens into your diet, either through smoothies or meals, as well as healthy fats while cutting out carbs. I find it easy to get my daily greens through homemade smoothies.


Keep looking for your ideal workout

Working out and making a routine that works for your body is all about trial and error, so keep researching and finding workouts that work for you and your concerns. There are thousands online to choose from and it can be overwhelming, so try the ones that work best for you.


Make small steps

Walk more, take the stairs and take detours whenever you can in order to get those daily steps up. These are little moves but they go a long way when they get added up!


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I realized I would feel so guilty cheating on my healthy routine that I would just give up on everything altogether. Also, when I used to miss some days for working out, I would really blame myself and feel depressed about it. However, you can’t let such things get to you because life happens and sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. I am still learning and making mistakes as I go and in no way am I a fitness guru. However, I set some small goals for myself which I hope will lead me to the bigger goals faster. It’s never too late to start incorporating little steps into your own routine. I encourage you to start with a simple smoothie or cutting out one of your favorite unhealthy drinks for tomorrow!