19 Thoughts At The Gym



1. Why the f**k am I here?


2. That girl looks like she’s here all the time.

3. I need cuter workout clothes.



5. How long do I have to do this to burn off the lava cake I just ate?


6. Why are there so many people here? Don’t they have any better places to be?

7. Shit. Someone I know.

8. Why can’t I remember any workouts off the top of my head?

9. Maybe if I watch YouTube it’ll go faster

10. Halfway there.

11. Why is everyone less sweaty than me

12. When I get a glimpse of myself in the mirror.


13. You’re really not going to clean that machine? You literally have one job.

14. These boobs are really becoming an issue.

15. Ice cream sounds so good rn.

16. Do I have a six pack yet


17. I should take a pic so people will know I’m healthy.

18. But I look terrible, I’ll just do a pic of my shoes.

19. It’s been enough time to leave without feeling embarrassed.