10 Distractions at the Gym

Going to the gym can be a struggle in itself, but add in a few distractions, and there goes a workout gone to waste! 


Distraction #1: You can’t go 10 minutes without checking your phone.

Distraction #2: The guy next to you looks good when he sweats.

Distraction #3: The Meathead lifting weights grunts way too loudly.

Distraction #4: The clown-faced Barbie is “stretching” by the weight room again.

Distraction #5: The person on the treadmill next to you chose the wrong footwear.

Distraction #6: You and your friends can’t take working out seriously when you’re together.

Distraction #7: You can stop thinking about your post-workout meal.

Distraction #8: Someone is hogging your favorite machine and doesn’t even know how to use it correctly.

Distraction #9: People are using the mirrors at the gym to take selfies instead of watching their form.

Distraction #10: You can’t stop staring at the guy who always skips leg day.