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5 of My Favourite YouTube Workouts to Try This Winter

Gyms are closed, winter is here to stay, and there are very few outlets for us to relieve stress in these cold COVID days. If you’re getting sick of your treadmill, or if the idea of going for an outdoor walk in -13° makes you want to cry, never fear! I have some exercise solutions for you. 

Below you’ll find some of my favourite YouTube workouts that require minimal equipment and give out all of the positive vibes. From yoga and pilates, to HIIT and strength training options, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style and preferred intensity. If you give any of these a try, I hope they make you feel good, or at the very least, add some activity into your day! 

So, what are you waiting for? Throw on some comfy clothes, roll out your yoga mat, and get moving!

  1. Blogilates – “21 Minute All in One Tone Workout

What you need: Low-weight dumbbells, yoga mat

Why I love it: Cassey is a very well-known creator, and for good reason! Her videos are upbeat, easy to follow and allow you to workout either as a beginner or an expert. I love this particular video because of the number of moves — it keeps you engaged and focused on your strength. 

  1. Sanne Vloet – “30 Minute Full Body Pilates Workout – Strengthen and Toning

What you need: Yoga mat

Why I love it: Sanne’s video style is so aesthetically pleasing! She has a very calming voice as she gives instructions. I felt relaxed by the end of the workout, even though it wasn’t super easy! 

  1. Yoga With Adriene – “Yoga for Flexibility

What you need: Yoga mat

Why I love it: Another very popular creator, but understandably so! Adriene is my go-to for all things yoga in the YouTube fitness community. She has such peaceful videos, and her movements are so well-paced. I love this particular session because sometimes you just feel like stretching it out and winding down, which this routine is perfect for. 

  1. EMKFIT – “Taylor Swift HIIT Workout

What you need: Nothing!

Why I love it: I initially found this routine through TikTok, and I’m so glad I did! As a proud Swiftie, working out to her music makes me so much more motivated. The video is upbeat, high-energy, and the instructor does a great job at keeping you moving!

  1. Blogilates – “Ultimate Back Workout | 5 Moves to Your Fittest Upper Body” 

What you need: Yoga mat

Why I love it: After hunching over on my computer all day on Zoom, sometimes I really need a good routine to target the back. In this video, Cassey demonstrates some unique, no-equipment back movements that always leave me with an improved posture (at least for a little while).

I hope that you’re able to try out some of these videos and beat the winter workout blues! If you do get the chance, always remember to stretch first! :)

Emma Johnston

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Hi! My name is Emma, and I am completing my Bachelor of Arts in English Rhetoric, Media and Professional Communication at the University of Waterloo. I love journaling, peanut M&Ms, and collecting fashion magazines from around the world!
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