How to Stay Motivated to Workout in the Cold Weather

Everyone has a different reason as to why they workout, and although their reasoning may vary, everyone finds a way through motivation. For some that may be easy and for others it may feel impossible because going to workout can seem unbearable. But what happens if someone loses their motivation or never really had it in the first place? How do they get it back or how does one begin to become motivated? As unfortunate as it is to admit, I was in that position. 

I have always thought of myself as an active person, whether it was going for a walk, run or heading to the gym to get a workout in. I love the adrenaline rush I get in the middle of working out and listening to my specific workout playlist that gets my heart racing, but my favorite part of it all is walking away feeling sweaty and accomplished. 

Since coming to school here in Vermont, I felt as though the motivation I once had for working out began to deteriorate — especially as the weather began to get colder. The thought of sitting in my bed with a warm blanket around me and watching Netflix sounded way more appealing then bundling up and walking in the cold to the fitness center. 

But after so many Netflix movies and hours spent on TikTok, I was craving the adrenaline rush I used to get while working out. I could no longer stare at my laptop screen, so I decided the only way I could get back into working out was by forcing myself to go at a certain time. So, I logged on to Imleagues and began to register for workout classes as well as fitness center time slots. 

Although this technique may not work for everyone, I definitely saw improvement in my motivation to go workout. Without a doubt, getting yourself to complete physical exercise is a constant mind game, but for me, I liked committing to being somewhere at a certain time. It forced me to go knowing that I signed up to be there. 

In a theoretical situation, let’s say you finally find a small bit of motivation, and you put your workout attire on. At this moment, you could be dreading this because it is not something you want to do. Working out can be boring and an avoidable task if we don’t find interest in doing it. We all have been there before. I have been there many times. 

Working out should not be a task where you just shrug your shoulder and count down to the minutes till when you can leave. The experience of having an adrenaline rush and feeling powerful, is something I truly hope anyone can feel. So, find something that brings you passion when you workout. Whether it is sunset walks, running along Lake Champlain or participating in workout classes, enjoying what you're doing while working out is the ultimate goal. In the long run, your lack of motivation to workout can turn into something you could become passionate about. 

I recently began taking some of the spin classes that are offered here at UVM and I have fallen in love with them. Although the classes I take are at night, these 45 minutes classes make me block out anything that is going on and relieve the stress that I have been feeling that day, making me leave feeling rejuvenated.

Not only is the workout the main focus, but so is the playlist you are listening to. I currently have been loving the Big Bootie mixes on SoundCloud because of the variety of songs and the constant beat drops. I strongly believe the playlist you select and the first song you listen to will set your mood for the rest of your workout.

Another tip I have for finding motivation to work out especially when it is cold is to have someone who will push you. They do not necessarily need to workout with you, but they should be someone who holds you accountable. My roommate is the person I lean on when I need the push to go to the gym. The simple remark, “Sierra, you told yourself you would workout today”, is all I need to hear to get myself out of our door.

We have all experienced a motivation funk, but setting some simple goals and finding someone who pushes you is the smallest task that can make the biggest difference. Without a doubt, music can boost anyone's serotonin. So, finding a playlist that makes you feel good and finding a workout that is suited and enjoyable for you are simple steps to gain back the motivation. 

The cold Vermont winters aren’t going away, but just because it can be less than 20 degrees out that shouldn’t be a reason to not feel motivated. I learned the hard way and I want to share the tips I learned to help out others. 

With love, Sierra