Mental Health

Boy or girl, man or woman, everyone’s feelings are valid and not seen as a weakness.

Recently, I had a very close friend of mine, who I had known my whole, life pass away due to mental health problems. The pain of the loss has been both devastating and shocking. However, his family, friends, and myself all know he is in a better place now with no suffering or pain.

I understand that in today’s world prideful feelings exist when it comes to people not wanting to share how they feel. But people need to know that it is more than okay to show emotions, especially during a rough time. It is scary to show how you really feel, even more so if you are always a happy person who’s never really sad.

I believe that anyone can overcome a mental health issue however severe. I can personally say that when I was down and not my usual jolly self a couple of years ago, I overcame it. Not by myself, though. I had my parents, my other family members, my friends, and my religion that pulled me out of the rut I was in.

Please, I encourage anyone who is going through a tough time reach out to anyone or to do whatever makes you feel whole and happy.

Remember, ALL of you are worth it, your life is precious, and the world needs you. Reach out to people, please.


P.S. I love you and miss you Roel Prado so much. See you in Heaven one day, buddy.