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Busting Out That Bikini Body

Bikini season. It always seems to sneak up on us. We’re too busy sipping our venti caramel mocha lattes to see it coming. The good news is that if you start preparing now, you won’t have anything to worry about come March. Simple changes in your diet and routine can create dramatic differences for when you shed away the layers to reveal that itty-bitty bikini. Here are a few easy ways to get started on that Spring Break body:

Don’t drink your calories One of the biggest mistakes we make during the year is taking in all our calories through sugar-filled drinks. Start cutting back on needless calories by ditching your usual triple-pump mocha frapuccino, no matter how tempting it may be. Try not to drink as much alcohol when you hit the bars with your girls at night. Mixers are notorious for containing unnecessary extra sugars. Water is the best all-natural, zero-calorie alternative to sugary drinks. Drink water even when you’re not thirsty. Just gulp it down, and watch as your overall health improves.

Walk everywhere If you live close enough to campus to walk there, then do it. Instead of taking the easy way out riding the bus, just walk to all of your classes. Take advantage of our scenic campus, and soak in all it has to offer. Walking around campus all day does wonders for your health. Add an extra walk to your dog’s routine. He’ll hold you accountable because he will definitely remember there is another walk coming at noon sharp. Pick your favorite Pandora station, pop in your headphones, get those sneakers on, and just start walking.

Find a gym buddy The best way to maintain your goals is to get someone to achieve them with you. Find a friend with the same goals, and designate her your official gym buddy. You don’t need a three-hour gym marathon. All it takes is just 30 minutes of cardio or maybe a group fitness class – anything to get you moving to burn off those Midnight Cookies. Having someone go to the gym with you will keep you honest about what you’ve accomplished.

Getting into bikini season shape isn’t hard; you just have to make a conscious effort to alter some of your habits. Be aware of your body’s limitations, and don’t start a crash diet at the last minute. Take it one day at a time, and soon you’ll be the bikini-ready gal you were last summer.


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