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5 Misconceptions About Women’s Fitness You Need to Know

There are a number of misconceptions tied to women’s fitness. Some of them are myths we have all considered being possible and others are just downright silly. We are seeing more of these myths tied to women’s fitness than men’s fitness, and it’s time to put an end to that!

Here are some misconceptions on fitness you’ve probably thought about, and we’re going to break down to why they’re just false:

1. Lifting heavy will make you look like a man.

Probably the most popular misconception of them all is that the heavier you lift, the bulkier you will get. Contrary to this belief, you will actually burn more calories if you lift heavier. So next time when you’re deciding between the 10 or 15 lb. dumbbells, opt for the 15.

2. Training your legs everyday will get you a big booty.

Not necessary. Give yourself a day or two to recover—the recovering time is crucial to allow your muscles to become stronger and to get your curves right.

3. You can train harder while on your menstrual cycle.

Those cramps you get once a month will only get worse if you do more crunches at the gym. Working out harder during your cycle can also lead to injury in your lower back, so make sure to tone down your workouts during this time!

4. Just doing cardio will help you lose weight.

Nope. Lifting weights keeps your metabolism running longer even hours after your workout, so if you want to lose that extra fat make sure to mix cardio with weight training.

5. All women are in the gym to lose weight.

False, false, false. Not all women want to look the same, and we shouldn’t be categorized into just wanting to lose weight. Women go to the gym for different reasons —to lose weight, to build muscle, or to just stay healthy.

We often miss out on certain fitness activities, like strength training for example, because of these misconceptions. So before you listen to these “tips” make sure you do your research. Stay aware, collegiates!

Natalie Cardenas is a fourth year Political Science and Spanish major at the University of Florida. She is from Miami, so Spanglish is basically her first language. She enjoys watching Friends, obsessing over stationery, and lives in black leggings. This past summer she interned with Latina Magazine in NYC, and fell in love with the city life. She plans on booking a one way ticket to the Big Apple after graduation.  
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