7 Tips to Kick the Midterm Slump

Have you been suffering from three breakdowns a day? Are your stress levels through the roof? Do you have a week full of midterms? Don’t worry honey, we’re in the same boat. Weeks four and five of the quarter system can be brutal. With short sessions and such an extensive curriculum, feeling overwhelmed during times like these is completely normal if not inevitable. If you’re not feeling this way, chances are someone you know is going through it. In order to combat this epidemic, I felt that it was best to ask a couple friends how they cope with this midterm slump and see if these tips might be of assistance to other people.

  1. 1. Exercise

    Exercising could be anything from an actual workout at the gym to a nice jog on the beach. Studies have shown that starting your day with some type of workout can keep you focused for the rest of your day while also giving you energy to tackle tough tasks. Sounds crazy, I know but it’s actually true!

  2. 2. Taking Efficient and Relaxing Breaks

    Many of us are guilty of taking study breaks on our phones but in all honesty, it might be beneficial to take a break that doesn’t require any brain power. Now I know what you’re thinking, does scrolling through Insta really take brain power? It might not take critical thinking skills but you’re still focusing your eyes on a screen and that isn’t the type of rest that’ll restore your energy. Taking a walk or unplugging from technology might actually be the way to go.

  3. 3. Sleep

    Ah yes, the universal tip. I won’t even explain this one. You know the benefits of getting enough sleep.

  4. 4. Limiting Caffeine Intake

    Although you might be flying through your work at record speed after chugging that first Yerba, it’s beneficial to keep the intake to a minimum. With that crazy rush comes a crazy crash and if you have to study for a midterm that’s coming up, drinking multiple Yerbas or coffees at once can actually cause one to lose their ability to focus intently. Drinking water actually has similar benefits in terms of energizing ability and won’t cause that nasty crash.

  5. 5. Stay Organized

    Keep on top of your responsibilities! Writing everything down is one way to avoid the anxiety that drives a lot of breakdowns. Keeping track of when you will accomplish each task and setting the time aside for each can create a more lax mindset. It also helps to focus to focus on one task at a time. Keeping all other responsibilities in the back of your mind won’t allow you to do your best on the task at hand.

  6. 6. Switch Up Study Topics

    It has actually been shown that switching up study topics is beneficial in keeping the mind attentive. Although it seems a bit odd, jumping back and forth can actually help you retain more information. From my own experience, this is actually prevalent within the humanities. Most curriculum for specific majors are related throughout different classes and the content of one class might actually help you understand the content of another.

  7. 7. Stay Positive 

    It’ll all be over in due time! All you can do is do your best in the moment and know that things will figure themselves out. If you didn’t get a satisfactory grade, there is always another option/step to take. Giving yourself plans or certain things to look forward to after a hard day/excessively long study sesh can also help make the task at hand a bit less stressful and tedious.

Keeping your mental and physical health in check is a NECESSITY when it comes to times like these. Your body can only function so well when you’re sleep deprived and hopped up on caffeine. Whatever the outcome of your stressors might be, chances are they’ll be over soon and if not, you’ll at least have a greater understanding as to how to deal with whatever is going on. The quarter system is brutal but we’re all more than capable of overcoming the slump.

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