How to Make Anything Taste Like Dessert

Raise your hand if you like sweets. Don’t be shy, that’s what I thought… Well, you and me both girl. Personally, my sweet tooth knows no boundaries. From my food, to my drinks, to my future dating prospects, I want everything to be sweet. If I can find a way to make something taste like chocolate, you better believe I’m taking that option! 

There is, however, a tragic downfall to my love affair for all things sweet and that would be my health. 

Cough, and my waist-line, cough.

Who said that!?

Moving on, allow me to introduce SweetLeaf Stevia. This company creates sugary sweet flavorings derived from the Stevia plant! Their sweeteners are zero calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, and non-artificial. 

Too good to be true? Well, I had my doubts too. So we snapped up some flavorings to test them for ourselves! This is how the products ranked (I’ll thank you to keep in mind my vast expertise in all things ~sweet~).


  • Great in food AND drink
  • Not too overpowering
  • Buh bye Carmel Swirl!

  • Is drinking water good for you? Yes. Does this make drinking water WAY more enjoyable? Heck yes.

  • Most versatile hands down
  • Great in drinks, foods, and recipes!

  • A bit too overpowering so use sparingly!
  • Most enjoyable when added to food (oatmeal, mug cakes)
  • Awesome with some hot almond milk and cocoa powder → hot chocolate anyone?
Peach Mango

  • Why does this taste like spring?
  • Add this with iced black tea to make a broke girl’s Starbucks refresher!
Tropical Punch

  • A very summery taste
  • Again, makes me drink more water, so woo-hoo for health
  • Would rank higher, but who drinks fruit punch in the winter and fall? *reaches for the Caramel drops* 

The final consensus?

All the flavors are good, but the dessert flavored drops (like chocolate and caramel) were the show-stoppers. The other flavors, particularly French Vanilla and Raspberry Lemonade, are next on our list… There are some wonky flavors as well (Cinnamon, English Toffee, Pumpkin Spice, Rootbeer) for those with a more adventurous palate. 

Actually, now that I’m listing all the other flavors available, I’m starting to feel a bit adventurous myself… *opens Amazon tab*