Change your Perspective, Change your Life

Feeling like you’re in a funk you can’t quite escape? Feeling bleh, eh and meh more often than amazing? Well it is about time you look to improving your wellbeing. Nothing can help do this more then seeking to change your perspective and grow your reality of the world you see around you. After all, many things in life are not really what they appear to be. If you can change the lens to let you see the world as a little bit brighter, then you will open up so many more opportunities for an enjoyable life. Read on below to see different ways you can change and grow your mind, which will improve your wellbeing and life. Who doesn’t want that?


1. Stop comparing everything.

If you find yourself comparing how much better off others are than you, either stop it completely or flip it around to even it out. Both relatives are equal! You may not have as much as someone else has but compared to others you are living an abundant life full of luxury, trust me. Plus, any bad things in life are not permanent. You do not know what the future holds for you and others. That’s why it is important to appreciate the now and not waste time playing the comparing game for everything around you. Comparing things is part illusion anyway. We do not have perfect information about the reality around us, and we can’t possibly compare things that are truly apples to apples based on this lack of perfect knowledge. Albert Einstein once said, “If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Many times, we compare ourselves to others when it holds no meaning. Catch yourself when you do it, and recognize it has no true meaning and can be flipped however you really want it to.


2. Just Breathe.

When you are feeling at your breaking point, just breathe. Practicing deep meaningful breathing is proven to calm you down and help you center. Throwing a few yoga sets in with your purposeful breathing daily will help your mood improve overtime.


3. Ask yourself the “30” question.

Will this thing you are caring about matter in 30 minutes? What about 30 days? What about 30 months? 30 years? Don’t exaggerate when answering this question. If it won’t really matter in 30 years, drop it from spending too much time caring about it. When it comes down to it, not a lot of things we waste time on are worth stressing about. Que sera sera.


4. Ground Yourself/Meditate Daily.

Another way to combat stress and promote well-being is to meditate or ground yourself at least once a day. Remember the big picture when little daily stress gets you down. Whenever I am stressed about college and not happy, I remind myself how much I will miss college in the future. I calm down a little and remember to just enjoy it, and that everything will find a way to work out in the end. Just doing my best and enjoying life as it passes is the most I can do. Ground yourself like this whenever you find yourself wishing you could fast-forward. Enjoy the traffic, enjoy your job, one day those memories may be valued. Just chill.


5. Practice Gratitude.

This is so important! Everyday make note of what you are grateful for in that day. If you are really depressed you may at first struggle with this, but I promise overtime if really trying, you will find true gratitude in more and more things. You can say what you are grateful for as soon as you wake up in the morning or do it at night after you’ve completed your day. You can also keep a gratitude journal, which has been proven to help your mental health. Give it a solid try for at least 3 weeks and see how your perspective changes. This has also been shown to help strengthen weak relationships. Say your boyfriend of a few years, or your best friend, has just been getting on your nerves recently. Focusing on the things you like about them and choosing to recognize why you have them around can help shake the annoyance you have been developing for them. But if the friend or significant other is just toxic and not for you, this is something you should recognize and feel free to end things for a fresher life. You are not obligated to keep toxic people around. Be grateful you have choices! That can be the first thing you write about in your gratitude journal, go ahead, start yours today!


6. Look for the positives around you.

Claiming there are no positives is just ignorance. It is just you choosing to look at a glass half full as half empty. A lot of positives in your life go unnoticed because you are so used to them, but when you really look at things closely you may discover the true riches you have. Practicing gratitude compliments this practice of recognizing the positivity around you. When you encounter something bad in your day, I encourage you to take notice of twice as more good things in your day. Chase the good things you can take enjoyment in or the fun unique things that cross into your life daily, and when the bad things hit recognize them as happening but do not put any more energy into them. Imagine the negative aspects of life being bumps in the road. You can stop at each bump and complain about them, or you can understand you will get past them and keep your eyes on the beautiful view ahead. And remember, those bumps sometimes are there to remind you how good you really have it when you hit those straight-a-ways without any bumps.

7. Laugh at minor misfortunes that don’t hurt you, others, or have actual long-term effects.

Hitting every red light on the way to work is actually pretty remarkably hilarious. Enjoy witnessing the crazy circumstances that line up in an unbelievable manner. Laugh the minor things off, and just have fun with your day. Big life misfortunes are much worse, so if you aren’t going through any of them currently then just enjoy the ride.


8. Don’t play out the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Understand how the terrible cycle works. Let’s say you feel socially awkward around others and as if they do not like you. You either stay at home and never get out to see if people would even like you. Or, you go out believing people will find you awkward, and as a result you are withdrawn and second guessing yourself at the party. Now people find you awkward, but that is because you focused on them finding you awkward instead of just having a good time. If this has happened to you, then no you are not necessarily awkward. Your thoughts about yourself held you back and you became awkward. Have some confidence in what you have to offer and go meet people and have fun!


9. Take care of your body! It is so important to nourish and take care of your body.

Feed yourself whole foods that are fresh and not processed. Exercise daily and do not look at exercising as being a chore. You can dance, go for a walk, play a fun sport with friends, run with your dog, hula hoop; the possibilities are endless! Change it up and do something you find fun, so it doesn’t even seem like a workout until your muscles are burning at the end. Some yummy food options other than salads are buddha bowls. You pick a grain and a protein, then load on leafy greens and veggies. Top with a flavorful dressing for a flavor explosion. There are so many variations to try you will never get bored!


10. Create a good vibes playlist.

Music really reaches our souls and can help facilitate good moods. Set aside time to really look for songs that get your spirits up. One suggestion is Passion Pit’s “The Reeling” or “Take a Walk”. But there are endless other good-feel songs to lift your mood, so go out and make your playlist now!


11. Detox from the online world.

If you find yourself not feeling happy, your phone or computer use could be to blame. Try a week away from all social media and see how much better you feel. It will be a breath of fresh air, so try it! You can read more about social media effecting depression at this blog here.


12. Get out into nature.

Spending time outside and in the sun will be sure to lift your mood. Fresh air and the calmness of nature is such a wonderful medicine. Set aside some time to go outside and just be free. Don’t think about any of the daily stressors you are facing, just focus on the now. It is a great quick fix to any bad mood. Spending time outside can also help you calm down and look at issues you face in a calmer way. Have a hard decision to make? Spend the day outside and sleep on it, you may just make the right choice by not wasting time stressing about or overthinking it.


13. Play like a child.

Remember when everything looked new and filled you with excitement when experiencing these new things? Let go of your daily stress and look at the true wonders surrounding you with fresh eyes. Go dance in the rain, play in some mud, do cartwheels, watch silly cartoons and eat chocolate chip pancakes for dinner. Occasionally it is needed to go back to those innocent carefree days, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Let go for at least half a day and revisit your childhood happiness.


Above were just a few tips to start changing your perspective and getting more happiness out of life. There are so many more out there, so make an effort to find them and practice these tweaks to make life appear a little brighter. The world out there is amazing, so choose to not dwell on what is terrible and instead focus on all of the wonderful things life has to offer. If you don’t close yourself off to the world, I promise terrific opportunities will come your way. Just trust the possibilities exist and seek happiness over anything else