• Interning Abroad Part II: My Internship in Greece

    Ultimately, I couldn’t have asked for a better internship, one of such personal and professional growth. I experienced the publishing world by diving into it and now, having resurfaced, I know it is a career I care for. But I also met great people and made connections within the field that will offer both them and me an international edge and network.

  • One Book in a Library: Accepting That You Are Only One Story

    One of my greatest fears stepping off the plane to Taiwan was that I wouldn’t make the most of my time abroad. “Study abroad is an unforgettable experience,” everyone told me, but as a person who strives to surpass expectations and embrace every moment rather than squandering time, I was not content with simply unforgettable.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Homesickness

    These tips should help you get through your first year of college, and hopefully the rest of your life. It is natural to feel homesick, and everyone misses their mom once in awhile, but you can’t let it control your life. No one wants to live at home for the rest of your life, so now is the best time to leave the nest and learn how to cope with being on your own.

  • Problems in Economic Modeling As Demonstrated Through A Conflict of Visions

    While I have no illusions that his methods of evaluation are much more fine-tuned than mine own, I still find Thomas Sowell's description of reality quite skewed if I were to accept his thesis in A Conflict of Visions . As a true economist, Sowell posits a stylized model of the possible conceptions of human nature and human perfectibility that inevitably direct how people form political and economic opinions concerning public policies. Curiously enough, Sowell’s groupings of people also exemplify a common issue in economic modeling: the inability of models to accurately capture reality.

  • A Letter to a Freshman

    There are a lot of things I can’t believe. I can’t believe I was in your shoes just three years ago, I can’t believe I am a senior and that...

  • Journalism of Verification

    It was a normal Monday afternoon, sitting in my bedroom in West Campus, studying when I received a text from my friend in a group chat that read, “Hey is everyone okay?! There was a stabbing on speedway and someone has a gun!” RIght off the bat, that text message already has one untrue statement.

  • What Feminism Meants to Me

    To be a feminist means to be a believer in empowerment. Feminism is supporting and advocating women’s rights on political, social, and economic equality.

  • New Netflix Favorite: Dear White People

    I finished the first season in record time, and I’m now impatiently waiting for Season 2. If you need a break from studying for finals, give Dear White People a try; it won’t disappoint!

  • Books for Your Summer Adventures

    Now that we are headed into summer, you are probably jetting off to your internship in New York or to study abroad somewhere amazing. Your bags are packed. Shoes are off. You passed security and are (finally) sitting on a plane debating to pickup a germ-infested Sky Mall catalog — is worth it? It’s not. Instead, think ahead and grab one of these books to get you through the fun of air travel.

  • A Sonnet

    Freshman Aria Nicolai shares her passion for animal rights in this creative and thought provoking poem.

  • Meet Psych Sophomore: Ashley Bush

    If I could give any piece of advice to any incoming student it would be to get involved with at least one organization! Being at such a large school I realized very quickly how hard it can be to make friends.

  • Your Ultimate Dorm Packing List

    I spent my first year at the University of Texas at Austin in a dorm. I called Jester West my home for a few months. Websites compile extensive lists of “must haves,” but some of them are so unnecessary. Here’s a list of the things that made my life easier, and you should consider if you’re looking into dorm life.

  • Meet Refugee Advocate: Evan Rathjen

    Before I was involved in LARA, I hadn’t met a refugee. I didn’t realize that there were student, faculty, and staff refugees here on campus and actively contributing to the Austin community.

  • Grace, Why are You a Christian?

    How do you articulate an experience that is so unique to the individual that any other human being, Christian or not, could understand exactly what the mental and emotional processes are like when deciding that Christianity, or any religion really, was right for him or her?

  • A Finals Playlist for your Toughest Weeks

    It’s that time of the semester again. Finals. Time to buckle down and get that GPA that you’re hopefully aiming for. So, grab your exam guides, some flashcards, and a large espresso drink. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite songs to help me get through these stressful times.

  • 10 Shows Guaranteed to Help You Procrastinate

    Honestly I have had an entire year of this feeling and have finished more TV series than I would like to admit in the past 12 months. So I give you, my professional binge watching opinion of all my favorite shows to help aid your poor decision making. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

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