• 5 Things Retail Workers Hate

    Retail work is a very common job experience in anyone’s occupational past. Just about every girl has experienced work at some major retail...

  • Adapting Artistry

    Since high school, I have considered myself a writer first and a visual artist second. As I spent more time writing poems and short stories...

  • Trying to Live Waste Free

    Most people don’t even think about the amount of plastic they consume, or just packaging on everything they buy. Growing up I was always taught to recycle, but that’s about all my family did to help sustain the environment. I’ve recently become interested in the waste-free movement, and moving to Austin was a great way for me to begin a zero-waste journey.

  • 10 Reasons You Should Subscribe to The Skimm

    As young college women about to be thrown into the real world—a real world where people at work discuss bigger things than what E! News has to tell us—I feel that being well-informed on current events carries a huge importance now more than ever. I feel inclined to encourage other young women to subscribe to TheSkimm, the holy grail of quick news info.

  • For the Rain (Original Poem)

    For the Rain By Caroline Krenger I want to thank someone for the rain. The way it dribbles on the cobblestones, Falling from the clouded...

  • Five Best Halo Top Flavors

    I have indulged in many of the Halo Top flavors. With an exception of three of four flavors, I have a pretty definitive list of my favorite go-to Halo Top ice cream flavors. Here are my top five flavors.

  • My Konmari Journey

    I recently have been interested in the concept of minimalism. Minimalists believe in only surrounding yourself with things that spark joy...

  • Four Tips To Avoid Procrastination

    Procrastination seems to be a common problem for a lot of people, but fortunately, it’s not impossible to deal with. Here’s a list of tips for dealing with the urge to procrastinate.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Austin's Boba

    Boba is tapioca. However,the actual drink is made from a tea base often mixed with milk and flavoring of your choice. Believe it or not, there’s so many boba places around campus where you can get a boba drink of your choice! Here are a few suggestions!

  • The Best Shows to Binge on Netflix (While You’re Not Stressing About Homework)

    As a college student, I know how important getting all of your work finished is, but I also know how important it is to take time to relax and do something you enjoy. How I like to relax is to watch Netflix, and sometimes that means binge-watching a TV show. I enjoy how easy it is to just sit and watch something without having to pay too much attention. That way, I can give my brain a rest. Here’s some of my favorite TV shows to binge watch

  • Galantine’s Day Gift Ideas

    February 13th is an incredibly important day; it’s Leslie Knope’s wonderful holiday – Galentine’s Day. Why not support the glorious day by getting some of your best gal pals’ cute gifts?

  • Failures of an Internal Locus of Control: Another Collision with Reality

    Sometimes, an internal locus of control will not overcome external controls on an individual’s life. Maintaining an unrealistic internal locus of control only proves to delude the individual, encapsulating her in a false reality and subjecting her to a faulty cost-benefit analysis, which dictates future possible actions. Addressing a victimhood culture should not include the embracement of an internal locus of control. Rather, the address must include a better understanding of accurately assessing external risks and cost-benefit analyses.

  • Her Campus Texas is Recruiting Writers for Spring 2018

    Currently, we are recruiting staff writers for the Spring 2018 semester, so if you are a University of Texas at Austin student who loves journalism, writing, or just sharing your thoughts and opinions on an online format, consider joining our chapter!

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