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With graduation approaching in less than two weeks, I cannot help but reflect on the unwavering support I have received from those closest to me over the last four years. Among these people, however, one stands out above all: my mom. 

Growing up, there were instances during which friends of teachers would inquire about my parents, to which I proudly and joyously proclaimed, “It’s just my mom.” This declaration was not just a statement of fact, but a testament to the profound role she played in my life. I could not comprehend an alternative reality without her guidance then, and that sentiment remains unchanged to this day. 

Throughout my academic journey, my mom has been my strongest support system (alongside my twin brother), offering her unwavering encouragement and support. One of my earliest memories is of her “burning the midnight oil” with me when I had to complete a project, despite her early morning tasks of driving my brother and me to school and making it to work herself. As time has passed, her support has only gotten stronger. Whenever academic stress has threatened to overwhelm me (which has happened more than I would have liked), she has provided a listening ear and words of love and reassurance. 

Despite the physical distance that separates us—a nine-hour drive apart—our bond remains unbreakable. Not a single day goes by when we do not FaceTime each other, bridging the gap between us and allowing us to share each others’ days. As I prepare to leave my undergraduate years behind, I owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to my mom. Her unwavering belief in me has been the driving force behind my success. 

To my mom: Thank you for never clipping my wings and for embodying the grace and resilience I never knew I needed to flourish. I love you to Andromeda and beyond. 

Sociology major and Mexican American and Latina/o Studies minor @ UT Austin.