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I Won’t Forget You, Maggie— A Review of Maggie Rogers’s “Don’t Forget Me”

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Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard that Taylor Swift just released her eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department, on April 19th. It was incredible. But I’m not here to talk about that today (but I will be soon. Stay tuned). Today, I’m breaking down another new release: Maggie Roger’s Don’t Forget Me

Roger’s third studio album was released just a week before Tortured Poets on April 12, 2024. At a nice and sweet 35 minutes and 49 seconds (10 songs), it is the perfect length to put on a loop for days and not get bored (speaking from experience). In classic Maggie fashion, it’s got a mix of danceable tunes and devastating lyrics, which I think everyone could use more of in this world. On my first listen-through, I did a song-by-song breakdown of my thoughts. It was quite chaotic. Here is the more expanded version, now that I’ve had more time to absorb everything:

Track One: “It Was Coming All Along”

Incredible dance-party-in-your-room energy. The lyrics are gutwrenching but also hopeful. It is a phenomenal album opener, for sure. Standout lyric: “I’m fine, but feel I’m breaking through / My world’s a honey shade of blue.”

Track Two: “Drunk”

Darker vibes than the first song. Got a good funky dance vibe going— reminds me a lot of “Anywhere With You” from her second studio album, Surrender. Standout lyric: “You hold your tongue, but onе by one / The words slip out your mouth.”

Track Three: “So Sick of Dreaming”

This was the second single released ahead of the album, so I had plenty of time to love on this song. It is the perfect moving-on, “I’ve had enough” dance song. It’s got an epic phone-call-style interlude about a failed date, followed by some classic Maggie wailing. I’ve never broken up with someone before, but if I ever do, I will be turning to this song. Standout lyric: “When every littlе thing’s up for takin’ / Oh, it makes me wanna sing, my heart’s brеakin’ / Oh, there ain’t no diamond ring you could buy me to take me home.”

Track Four: “The Kill”

This is quite possibly my favorite song on the album. Perfect cathartic dance party beat? The most devastating lyrics about a mutually destructive relationship? Subtle lyric changes every chorus to hammer home the story?? Just take my whole life right now, Maggie. I don’t have the words to properly praise this song. Standout lyric (so hard!): “Oh, I was an animal making my way up the hill / And you were going in for the kill.”

Track Five: “If Now Was Then”

Such a sweet, missing-the-past, retrospective moment. I wish I could’ve done more when we were together. It’s too late now. Yet another good little dancing song. Standout lyric: “I’d take it back, but I can’t, I’m sorry / I know it hurts, but you shouldn’t worry.”

Track Six: “I Still Do”

This song basically brought me to tears when I first listened to it. Unlike all the previous songs, there is no dancey beat here. It’s just Maggie and a piano pouring out her heart (and breaking mine in two). Truly just gut-wrenching. Standout lyric: “‘Cause love is not a debt you pay / It’s not something you can give away.”

Track Seven: “On & On & On”

For all of the tenderness of the previous track, there is an equal amount of anger in this song. This is an angry breakup song of epic proportions. I don’t know who broke Maggie’s heart, but I’m a little scared for him. Standout lyric: “When you realize the things that you lack / Better think twice ‘fore callin’ me back.”

Track Eight: “Never Going Home”

This is a close second for my favorite song on this album (but I love them all dearly). We’re back with another awesomely danceable Maggie beat. We’re moving and grooving but it is so hard to move on from someone you loved! Standout lyric: “I can’t behave, but I don’t wanna be alone / But you kept me waiting / Now I’m never, ever going home.”

Track Nine: “All the Same”

Another slow song. Definitely a gut-punch kind of song, with soft instrumentals making way for the raw power of the softer sides of Maggie’s voice. I want her to sing me a lullaby every night, even if it’s sad. Standout lyric: “All the same / Day by day / And suddenly you look around / And find the ground still feeling like it’s yesterday.”

Track Ten: “Don’t Forget Me”

This is, obviously, the album’s title track. It was also the first single before the album, so I have had many a singalong to this while waiting for the rest of the album to drop. It is a perfect song for when you don’t quite know what you’re doing with your life and you feel like everyone is ahead of you. Standout lyric: “Take my money, wreck my Sundays / Love me ’til your next somebody.”

Frankly, I think it’s ridiculous that Miss Maggie Rogers would ever think someone could ever forget about her. I certainly couldn’t. This album will definitely be on a loop this entire summer (until I see her in October!). If you don’t choose to listen to it after this, fine by me— just know you’re missing out big time.

Katie Randall is a first-year Radio-TV-Film major and Religious Studies minor in the Moody College Honors Program at UT Austin. She is interested in photography and small-scale video projects, and she enjoys writing about all things girlhood, movies, and music. In her spare time, she loves reading, listening to music, or crocheting.