Meet Karla: A Fitness Story

Name: Karla Rodriguez

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biology

Hometown: Long Island, NY

HC: When did you start your fitness journey?

KR: I started my fitness journey during a time period where my mom was struggling to lose weight and she needed a workout buddy for motivation and support. In my sophomore year of high school, we both had the opportunity to try CrossFit for an amazing discount for about 6 months. It is an extremely intense, and difficult weight lifting training gym but it inspired me to continue my fitness journey even after my membership was expired. From my CrossFit experience, I learned what limits my body was able handle, had motivation to always be able to do more and always push myself in the gym.


HC: Why fitness?

KR: Fitness to me is a way to relieve stress, I find the gym as a place for me to take a breather from my academic life and relax. It is extremely important to me that I take the time out of my busy routine to find “me time” which is being able to go to the gym. Especially during a stressful week of exams going to the gym helps me keep sane for the week.


HC: How have you seen yourself grow?

KR: I was always involved in sports and exercise growing up but now that I am older fitness is a part of my lifestyle. I look forward to the part of my day where I get to hit the gym, or on a nice day just to go for a run. Exercising has been my outlet to everything for me, as a college student I find it so refreshing leaving the gym with a good sweat.


HC: How do you help others?

KR: When people ask me for gym advice or about eating healthy, and maintaining a consistent workout every week, whether if it is for losing weight or just to go to the gym and not knowing what to do because it is overwhelming with all the machines. I always say to everyone make the gym feel comfortable to you, there is no perfect technique, a person just has to try out different machines and increase the intensity each time. Losing weight does not happen overnight, it takes dedication, and commitment. It is not impossible to maintain a healthy lifestyle but with boundaries set into place and getting rid of unhealthy habits, with time results will come. Also, do not worry about looking dumb at the gym because you may not have the proper technique or do not know how to use a machine you are not the only one.


HC: What do you focus on?

KR: I focus on making sure I am doing my best trying to maintain a healthy diet while still incorporating exercise at least 5 or 6 times a week. It is hard to balance out a schedule especially as a science major I always find myself studying and doing assignments. I usually focus on staying away from unhealthy cravings and substitute it for a delicious nutritious snack.


HC: How do you force self-control?

KR: To force self-control and the temptation of eating something unhealthy I tell myself it is not worth all the unnecessary calories when I could be eating something way more nutritional. Plus, I always convince myself that if I did an amazing workout at the gym to not waste all the fat I burned on something that won’t aid me in the future.