Trade Intimidation for Gym Motivation!

A lot of us struggle everyday, especially being at college, to stay motivated at the gym. With finals here, personally, I know I want to have time to take breaks and go to the gym to relieve stress because it helps.. A LOT. At least for me. There are many, many ways to stay motivated but these top 10 things usually tend to help! So hopefully this can give you some ideas to stay motivated!


1. MEAL PREP. It is very important to watch what you eat especially when wanting to have that ‘healthy lifestyle’ but it definitely isn’t an easy process. So planning out your meals can definitely help you fight the urge to go out and eat!


2. HAVE A GYM BUDDY. Trust me it helps! When you have your gym buddy next to you, it just motivates you to do better than them (haha kidding) but it does push you more.

3. PLAN YOUR WORKOUTS.  Set up a weekly schedule and incorporate different muscle groups for a certain day so you won’t get bored doing the same thing, every single time… Because I know I get bored real quick if I keep doing the same workouts continuously! Plus it also gives your muscles a break!


4. HANG UP MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES. Put up quotes around your apartment or dorm telling you that you can do it or if you eat that cookie you have to add an extra mile. You can also put an alarm on your phone reminding you to go to the gym for at least a half hour. As much as you don’t want to, you will feel 100x better and it’ll give you energy to do your school work or even clean your room. It helps me especially after work when you just want to go to bed but you know you have a million things to do. It is great to just run on the treadmill for a bit and revive that energy!


5.  REMEMBER: THIS IS FOR YOU. Do this for your benefit and not for anyone else. You want to be comfortable in your body and not because someone said, “you should probably go to the gym more” etc. etc. People might be at a different pace then you but it is totally fine if you are faster or slower than somebody! Don’t force your body to lift heavier weights than you normally would just because you see someone doing that. Be comfortable.


6. THINK POSITIVE. You can achieve your goals just got to push yourself a little harder and commit. In the end you will see the results! It honestly will take awhile to see your results but if you continue your routine daily then you will start to notice your progress!

7.  IT’S OKAY TO CHEAT. You don’t have to get rid of all the junk food but just eat them in moderation or have a cheat day! There is nothing wrong with that! Just remember not to lose sight of your goals.


8. USE OTHER RESOURCES. You don’t always have to go to the gym to workout. If it is a beautiful sunny day, why not run around campus? Hike through the gorge, walk instead of driving or taking the bus! It will help you keep active when you think you’re not being active!


9. MUSIC. Music will always push you to go farther when you don’t realize it! You could also try listening to an audio book especially when you’re running!


10. LOVE YOUR BODY. The whole purpose of staying motivated is to love your body! Loving your body will help you feel confident especially when you are debating to wear a certain outfit — which you should wear because you are beautiful!


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