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How I Maintain My Mental Health Through Physical Health

My biggest motto of 2020 and 2021 has been to maintain my mental health through my physical health. It took me a long time to realize that I am mentally healthier when I am taking proper care of my body. By this I do not mean that I am mentally healthier when I am skinnier, more muscular, or eating salads 24/7. All that I mean is that I have been listening to my body a lot more, fueling it with healthier foods more and working out in ways that don’t feel like a chore. That being said, I want to provide a few tips to help you stay on top of your game (if you want to):


Get enough sleep. You have been told this a million times before, but I will tell you again. Your body needs sleep to function properly. Get some sleep (after you finish reading this article), and your brain and body will thank you later.

Water first

Water should be the first thing in your body in the morning. Drink it all the time. Before and after every meal. It will help keep your digestive system functioning properly and keep you from overeating and feeling sick after.

Veggies are your new best friend

Green, leafy vegetables are a sustainable source of energy that keeps you feeling full longer. Eat them! Yes, enjoy the foods you like, but incorporating more veggies into your diet will help keep you more energized throughout the day!

Prep your snacks

My biggest issue is stress eating and I am the first person to go grab a bag of chips when I am stressed. Prepping out your veggies, fruits and proteins is  such an effective way to make sure you grab foods that will make you feel better physically and not just add more hormones to your body. So, grab your chips when you want, but see if you can swap them out with fruit or veggies every now and then!

Move your body

Go for a walk, have a dance party in your living room, go to the gym, do whatever you want, but go move your body! Find something that you enjoy and stick to it. There are so many options for exercise: gyms, online workout programs and limitless places to walk mean you can always make moving your body fun. Getting some sort of movement in is so important for mental health especially if you’re stuck looking at a screen all day.

I hope you find these tips helpful and maybe incorporate them into your own routine!

Emma Thomasson

Pepperdine '21

Hello! My name is Emma. I am a student at Pepperdine University and I am studying Philosophy with the hopes of obtaining my MFT license after I graduate in 2021. I was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Waco, Texas. That being said, I am avid supporter of Baylor sports and TexMex! I believe mental health is the most important thing to maintain in college. Some ways that I maintain mine include (but are not limited to) boxing, Disney, and beach days with my friends out here in Malibu!
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