Workout Motivation Tips

It’s now March (almost April!) which means your New Year’s resolution of being active is probably fading away. It’s getting harder and harder to push yourself to get to the gym because you’re swamped with midterms, social commitments and new episodes of your favorite shows. Or you might just be bored with the current routine you’ve been doing for months. That’s a-okay! Everyone has slumps and goes through phases when they’re just not feeling the idea of getting sporty. If you’re looking for some motivational tips and tricks to get you back to the gym, here are some of my faves:

Get excited about your playlist.

You know those songs that you turn all the way up when you’re driving at night with your friends? Those are the types of hits you need to get you going at the gym. I also love hearing songs that have special memories attached to them because they instantly put you in a good mood. Being in a good mood AND having an amazing workout is the ultimate combo.

Have a purpose.

People can want to work out for a variety of reasons such as wanting to lose weight, build muscle or simply to stay active. When you start to push off your workout routine, go back to the reason why you started working out in the first place. It can even be helpful to save one of your favorite motivational quotes as your phone’s background, so you can see it when you need to get moving!

Go with a friend.

Everyone hates to have their plans cancelled, so don’t be that person who cancels on your gym date with your BFF! You can both hold each other accountable for squeezing in some sort of workout in your day. It’ll be nice to get the latest gossip while helping each other out with different exercises.

Go in the morning.

How many times have you told yourself that you’ll go to yoga after your classes? And how many times has that successfully happened? Your days are always unpredictable. You never know when you’re going to come across a situation that ruins your day and makes you want to go home and do nothing. Try to workout before your day starts to make sure you actually go and to start your day off with some endorphins!

Sign up for a class with a cancellation fee.

There are many studios that allow you to reserve your spot in class online ahead of time. These places usually charge if you cancel within a few hours of class or if you simply do not show up. This tip is especially helpful for those 6:00 am workout classes that you squeeze in before your classes. It gives you an extra reason to get out of bed - why pay for a class if you’re not even there? You just need to keep reserving these classes until your body becomes accustomed  to your workout routine. Then you won’t even need the threat of paying for something you’re not using!

Use the gym as your study break.

If you can’t find time for an early morning power session, go in between studying for your midterms. It’ll be nice to step away from staring at a computer screen and get your body moving. You’ll be more productive when you return to your homework and it’ll be easier to focus since you took a well deserved self-care break. You can also bring your homework to the Rec Center because there’s always lots of places to get your work done!

Try out different workouts.

If you’re dreading going to the gym because it’s just too dang boring, it might be time to shake things up (literally!). Try checking out a Zumba or Hip Hop class at the Rec Center to have fun with your workouts again. If those aren’t your style, you still have many options. I truly believe that there’s a workout for everyone, so be adventurous and check out as many fitness classes as you need to. Crossfit, rowing, yoga, Alchemy and pole dancing are all great options!

Journal after your workout.

This tip comes AFTER you’ve pushed yourself to go to the gym and have had a killer workout. Once you get home, immediately write about how you’re feeling and what you’re proud of. Most people get a rush of adrenaline after a great workout, so try to record and describe this feeling in a journal. You can also write about personal successes, like if you increased the weight you use or if you were able to hold a yoga pose for longer than usual. It’s nice to look back on those journal entries when you’re really struggling to workout because it reminds you how good it makes you feel and how you’re progressing in your activity.

Take rest days.

It’s important to rest both mentally and physically from your workouts. Go out, have some fun with your friends and give your mind and body a break! I always have the best workouts after a rest day because my body is properly refueled and ready to go.

Always remember that working out should never be a punishment. Your workout should be for self improvement rather than working out over self-hatred. If you keep a positive mindset, it’ll be easier to associate happy feelings with the gym instead of seeing it as a chore. Good luck!