How I'm Committing to a Productive Break

The winter break is almost here, and you deserve it! You’ve been working really hard to finish your final assignments and prepare for exams. Unlike reading weeks, over the winter break, you don’t have assignments to work on or immediate deadlines waiting for you on the other side of the break. While some people take this opportunity to work or go away, the winter break is truly a time for everyone to relax and unwind before jumping into new classes, new schedules and new assignments!

With that being said, the break always seems to go by too fast, and by the end I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I often feel like I don’t know what to do and end up wasting a lot of time sleeping in too late, watching too much TV and eating too many sweets – oops. I have decided that this time around (third time’s the charm), I am committing to making my winter break a productive one to help refuel myself before next semester begins.

My goal for my month off is to focus on doing things that make me happy, being more active and making room for self-care. If you want to make this year’s break productive too, keep reading for some tips and ideas!

  1. 1. I am committing to doing what makes me happy

    While I believe that we should always follow our hearts and do whatever we can to be happy all the time, it sometimes gets difficult to do so when you have 5 classes to stay on top of. Some of the things that I love, like listening to music, reading a book and practicing photography, often get pushed to the back burner when I have readings and assignments to do. However, I know that if I went on my phone less or watched less TV, I would have time to incorporate my passions into my life. So, during this winter break, I’m committing to taking some time out of each day to do something that I love.

  2. 2. I am committing to being more active

    Being active is another thing that I struggle with during the semester. When it comes to going to the gym, I often tell myself I’m too busy or will do it tomorrow, which just leads to me never doing it. I have been trying to be better and make room for activity throughout my day, even if it's just going for a walk. This winter break, I have no excuses not to exercise more. I won’t have classes or assignments to worry about. Whether it's just taking my dog for a walk, doing a quick workout or some yoga, I am going to try to do something physical each day – and I encourage you to as well!

  3. 3. I am committing to making time for self-care

    Connected to doing what I love, self-care is another important thing that we often forget to do when we’re caught up in the hustle and bustle of student life. I for one often skip out on my full skincare routine or forget to fill in my Five-Minute Journal, especially when I’m at school. Self-care is different for everyone. At its core, self-care is about taking care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Some things that help to promote self-care include meditation and journaling, exercising, getting enough sleep and water, hanging out with loved ones, having a spa day, or basically anything that helps to make you feel happy and healthy!

Overall, the winter break is a great chance for us students to catch up with friends, family and lost sleep. But, the break is also an important time to check in with ourselves. We can be productive and enjoy a relaxing break at the same time. It’s just all about your priorities!