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Breakaway from the Shopping Craze: Learn to Meditate (for Beginners)!

As we move into December, we begin to count down the days until Christmas. There are days we need to dedicate to shopping for our long list of people to give gifts to, money we will spend, and time we will need to wrap gifts. Most importantly, however, due to the pandemic arranging gatherings with loved ones whether it be on a Zoom call, or limiting the number of people in a location has become the new norm. All of which can add stress to what is meant to bring joy into our lives.

Well, here’s a sign to tell you that it’s okay to step away from it just for this moment as you’re reading this article, and just breathe.

Breaking away from the Christmas craze can be more beneficial than ever to check in on your well-being. Sometimes, all we need to do is to step back, find a private space away from the madness and focus on the present and ourselves. 

Meditation is a great way to do this. 

You may be thinking, “meditation? I can’t meditate. It’s so hard to sit still! Sitting around is the LAST thing I need to be doing right now.” But, there are many, amazing benefits to something we as humans can take so easily for granted. 

According to Mike Rozien, MD, on Prevention.com, “[t]his state of calmness doesn’t just feel good—it’s actually good for your health, too.” A simple task such as breathing has so many benefits that can improve our mental health, cravings, and prevents harmful inflammation and ageing.

Especially in this ambiguous and strange time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the agony of not being able to see our social circles as much as we would like to can take a toll on our need to be social, especially during such an important time of year. That’s why learning how to meditate and focusing on the good things in our present lives really gives meaning to the saying “the present is a gift”.

So, where should one who is a beginner to meditation start?

There are seven simple poses that are beneficial to our chakras – the energies that are represented in each part of our body.

Following the chart via Pinterest, there are a set of different poses according to each chakra perfect for beginners. Rozien says to pick a few poses that you like and work at those for a bit at a time to get used to practicing meditation.

Jeff Woods, a yoga instructor for ChangeYourEnergy’s YouTube channel, guides you through each of these poses in a series of tutorials on how to balance each chakra.

Click below to which word speaks to how you might be feeling during this Christmas season and follow along in the Youtube video with Jeff on how to do the pose!


Now that you know the benefits of meditation, and how to do a few poses as a beginner, you now have an exercise that you can go to in times when you are feeling the stress of Christmas weighing on you. While the holidays are the most wonderful time, remember to be in the present moment and to breathe. 

Happy Holidays and Namaste!

Nataly Manychanh

Laurier Brantford '22

3rd year BA Digital Media and Journalism '22 First Generation student. Amateur writer. Self-proclaimed comedian. Well-known procrastinator.
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