Keeping Your Head Above Water

In the midst of the hectic buzz of what is university, it is very easy to feel like you are drowning. Nothing is slow, and everything is constant. It begins to feel like a never-ending train, with tracks leading to nowhere, and no light at the end of the tunnel. But flowers can be found in puddles, and sunshine in the rain.

It has taken me until final year to “settle down”. This year, I have just had to embrace that university can be a storm of blood, sweat and tears, and even verging on a horror show. However, it is also a time of blossoming. There’s this French word: l’épanouissement which is the equivalent for ‘blossoming’, and I just love the sound of the it. As a language student, sometimes word equivalents lead me to a more peaceful state of mind especially when they just roll off the tongue.

The thing is with university: it’s so much more than studying. It’s the time where you pick’n’mix your personality before weighing your bag of sweets, checking out at the till and launching into a career. It’s the time where you come out of your shell, and take responsibility for yourself. It’s the time where you work your absolute butt off and show yourself (and the world) what you’re made of.

Sometimes, you just need a safe space to escape to; a friend to hold you when you feel like your world is ending; and a warm cup of tea. Keeping your head above water truly is the only way to get through university. Mountains can be moved, but you need to carve out your space in order to push through the obstacles. A way is always made, even if it seems there is no way. The tide will come crashing down on your dreams, but when the seas settle, you'll find yourself still anchored in the sand, deep deep down. And your dreams will still exist.

Hold on to what is dear to you. Keeping those things close by means when the going gets tough during the academic term, you can handle yourself and your mental health, no matter how much stressful studying you may or may not need to do. Always reach out to tutors, friends and family for advice; everyone knows just how tough living away from home is, let alone studying while doing that.