6 Ways to Stay Fit in College

College can be tough. Staying fit doesn't have to be. Here are 6 ways to stay fit as a college student: 

1. Write it in your planner 

First off, having a set date and time to work out will help make sure you stay on track. Try building workouts that fit right into your schedule so that you're more likely to complete them. 

2. Join a club 

Many college campuses have some sort of student organization related to fitness or health. Joining a club really helps with the motivation aspect of exercising and eating healthy. 


3. Find a workout buddy 

Similar to joining a club, having a workout buddy with you at the gym will make sure you don't cancel another workout. 

4. Exercise outdoors 

Some college students forget that working out does not have to mean locking yourself in a gym for an hour. Try taking a walk outside or hiking on a new trail. There are many ways to exercise while still having fun. 

5. Play a sport 

Trying club sports can help you by giving you a fun way to exercise with friends/teams. You can sign up for basketball, soccer, tennis...you get the idea :). 

6. Do what's right for you 

Fitness does not have to look the same for everyone. Doing what's right for you means doing the things that make you feel healthy, and this will mean something different for everyone.