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Read This When You’re Upset

It’s been a day; whether it’s only just started, is halfway through or at its decline— you’ve been through it today. I know you may feel stressed, exhausted, lost, or upset (or maybe even all at the same time) but it’s important to not lose hope. It’s never easy looking for the light at the end of the tunnel in times like these but sometimes it’s easier to when someone gives you a hand along the way. If you find this as you, please read on!

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Sometimes life gets to be a lot and makes it seem like you can’t go on, and though in the moment it may feel and sometimes prove so, you have to power to completely change that verdict. People are complex, furthermore, being a woman makes life 10x more complicated but nothing that we aren’t equipt to handle together. In moments like these, it’s easy to isolate yourself, possibly ghost a couple of friends and think that if you push it for later it’ll eventually disappear; but this will do more hurt than healing. What you’re feeling is totally valid and can be put to peace but only if you share your hurt with someone you trust. Odds are that someone else has, too, felt or experienced what you feel and/or are experiencing and can help but even if isn’t, there are people that assist you in processing it. Change only happens in community. In order to change and grow, you need to have someone in your corner keeping you accountable and be there when there’s backstep or struggle. Life wasn’t created to do on your own, so choose your circle carefully. Every moment is a learning curve, learn to appreciate this through your pain even when it’s hard. 

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It’s hard, I know, and the whole situation sucks, but you’re stronger than your circumstances. Everything that makes you uncomfortable is an opportunity to change the rhetoric of your life, nothing has power over you. Right now, it may seem heavy and that you can’t carry it anymore but girl, you’ve gotten this far! Your worth is set, never fixed. Your trials don’t break you, they make you. You are strong, able, bold, and will get through this. You’re a powerhouse and this is nothing you won’t get up from. 

Love you and extraordinarily proud of you, collegiettes! Keep pushing. 

Fiorella Izquierdo

George Mason University '23

Fiorella Izquierdo is a senior at George Mason University currently studying Communication with a concentration in Journalism and a minor in Graphic Design. She is happiest when she is has a magazine in one hand and a chai latte in the other. Music, film, and fashion are some of her other passions, although she can bake like no other. In the future, Fiorella hopes to work as a creative director and travel the world doing what she loves!
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