Please be Kind to Yourself

This is just a reminder for anyone who needs it to please be kind to yourself. Kindness is powerful- it can move people, inspire them and can help make the world a more peaceful place. Yet kindness truly comes from within.  I have especially realized this recently as being unkind to myself has taken a toll on both my physical and mental health. If you struggle with self-worth, and your confidence is not always where you want it to be, you are absolutely not alone. Especially in our college years, it is so easy to fall in a habit of putting immense pressure on yourself to be successful, that it can be easy to lose sight on what we love about ourselves. Life may be difficult and stressful- but you are strong and are capable of handling anything that comes your way. The key to success is to be kind to yourself first. Here is some advice that has helped me to be kinder to myself.  

Absolutely do not ever compare yourself with others. You are perfect just the way you are. Just because you can appreciate traits in other people, does not mean you should have them too! Being inspired by others can be beneficial and motivating, but comparing yourself to them can be toxic. You will never truly be happy with yourself if you are constantly wishing to be like someone else.


Find out what you love about yourself and focus on that! Be proud of your strengths, and do not judge yourself solely on your weaknesses.


You do not need to be moving fast- progress is progress no matter how small. As long as you are moving forward, you are succeeding. Reaching our goals in life can sometimes take much more time than we anticipate. Do not be hard on yourself for that; instead, give yourself credit on the progress you have made to eventually achieve them!  

Rid yourself of any anger or resentment towards those who have done you wrong. This is definitely easier said than done, but there is sometimes nothing more liberating than letting go. It can be detrimental to replay any negative dialogue or scene in your head. What other people think and say about you does not define you. If people treat you with disrespect, that- in no way- means that you are unworthy of the highest degree of respect. Quite honestly, if anyone has the audacity to treat you any less than you deserve, THEY are unworthy of YOU! There is truly no point in holding onto any negativity toward those who are not even worth it anyway.


Take some time to reflect on what you truly enjoy doing in life and who you truly enjoy being around, then spend your time on those activities and those people who bring out your happiness. If anything you are doing in life makes you unhappy deep down, it might be best to replace that with something you will actually enjoy.


If you are going through a rough patch, try a new calming activity to destress. Whether it is going to the gym more often,  joining a religious group, or participating in any sort of activity that will help you in the long run – it is very advantageous to find a new outlet to destress and calm ourselves down when going through a rough time.


Remember to take deep breathes, and know that everything will be okay.  


Remember that you are perfect for who you are and never think anything otherwise. Be kind to yourself- it will allow you to become more confident as well as be kinder to others! Keep that head up princess, don’t let that crown fall.


All Photos Courtesy of the Author