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A Workout For Every Mood You’re In

Let’s face it: we aren’t always in the mood to hit the gym. We have hard weeks, we’re stressed, and sometimes we just want to stay in bed. But often a workout can be just the thing you need for whatever mood you’re in. Use this list to pick the perfect one!

Happy: Zumba!


Celebrate your good day/week with a dance party! This latin-based cardio dance workout is a great way to utilize all of your positive energy and burn some calories too.

Tired: Pilates

Didn’t get a ton of sleep last night but still want to hit the gym? Pilates is a low-impact strength workout that is both energizing and therapeutic. This workout is also great if you are sore or injured.

Stressed: Yoga

With jobs, extracurricular activities, and a whole lot of homework, our weeks can be incredibly hectic. Take a minute for yourself and relax with yoga.

Angry: Running

Sometimes getting some distance is the best medicine for difficult situations. Running is a great way to escape whatever circumstances you’re in and improve your mood!

Confident: Strength Training

Girl bosses deserve more than just the treadmill. Pump that iron and feel the burn with strength training. (P.S, Try BodyPump classes at the Ray– best way to strength train!)

Curious: Outdoor Adventures

Spend a workout outside of the gym! Go hiking or biking or rock climbing and enjoy everything that your area has to offer. If you live in Chicago, check out a new park, bike along the beach, or maybe take a walk along Michigan Avenue, and do some retail therapy!


Abby is a freshman at DePaul majoring in Hospitality leadership. She loves theatre, knitting, TGIT, and coffee. Abby hopes her writing informs and inspires her fellow college ladies!
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