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5 Favorite Ladies in Fitness to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Cal Lutheran chapter.

It seems as though March was just a yesterday when putting into terms how quickly time has passed in quarantine. Everyone was inside baking and enjoying having a little time to themselves and with their families with a legitimate excuse for staying indoors. However, it is now late-October and I think it is safe to say we are all getting a little restless.

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Since I had been eating a lot more baked good and other unhealthy recipes that I typically wouldn’t eat if life hadn’t come to a sudden halt due to COVID-19, I tried to find ways to lose and keep off some of the weight I had gained from being so inactive while following the rules of quarantine and staying indoors. And although gyms are slowly starting to open up, some of us might not be ready just yet to venture out and resume our lives as if COVID-19 doesn’t exist, when it clearly still does.


Now, there are some people who are okay with getting up early enough to go on a daily walk or run, and after about a couple of weeks of trying to stick to this routine, I can safely say that I am not one of those people. I noticed it was getting too hot for me to run at my normal time, gotta love southern California heat, and I was getting bored of the same few paths that my neighborhood had to offer. So, I went to my two favorite apps on my phone in an attempt to find new and fun ways to stay in shape that didn’t require me to just go for a walk or run every day. 


Listed below I have my five favorite female fitness trainers to follow along with if you’re like me and need fresh and fun ways to stay active that you can find either on YouTube, Instagram, or both!

Bria Nicole

My absolute favorite and someone I have been following for over two years now. I genuinely cannot tell you how much I wished I lived in Atlanta so that I could train in person with Bria. She posts weekly on her Instagram account a variety of leg, arm, and full-body workouts that can easily be followed along at home or in a gym and is a certified fitness trainer. I can promise you that whatever part of your body you decide to work on with one of her workouts, you will feel it in the morning and see it in the mirror!

Sydney Cummings

A recent treasure that I have come across. She uploads daily on YouTube and has a wide variety of workouts that can target just about any part of your body. She does HIIT, target, toning, and stretching workout videos that all range anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes in length. Regardless of how little or much time you have, Sydney has a workout routine for you to follow along with that will fit your schedule!

Chloe Ting

I am 99.9% certain everyone has heard about Chloe Ting from all the different challenges people were participating in from her YouTube at the beginning of quarantine. Chloe is super motivating throughout her videos and if you are looking to work on toning your stomach, I highly recommend doing her “2 weeks shred” challenge!

Abby Woldeamlak

I discovered Abby just recently this past June and just like Bria, she is a certified fitness trainer who posts a variety of workouts that can be done at home or at the gym, depending on what is available to you. A personal preference of mine is that I love doing workouts at home that do not require equipment since I do not have everything readily available to me unlike some trainers and fitness influencers do. Abby offers multiple workouts on her Instagram that do not require any equipment so you can still get that workout in without having to stress about purchasing equipment prior.

Adriene Mishler

And lastly, my favorite to follow along with for morning and evening stretches, as well as stretching after workouts, is Adriene. Adriene’s videos specifically revolve around yoga which has been something that I recently added to my daily workout routine. Beginning and ending my days with yoga has helped my muscles not feel tense or tight the following day. Following along with her yoga videos also helps relieve stress mentally as well, which has been extremely impactful while in quarantine!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So, if you are looking for ways to work on your fitness, I highly recommend following along with these five ladies in fitness. They all have a variety of workout videos and plans that are a different from each, allowing for everyone to find at least one video they find enjoyable and worth following along with!

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